YMCA SYLVAN HILL are holding an open evening on Wednesday (August 7th) at St John’s Church Auckland Road from 7pm to 8pm.
The YMCA have applied for demolition of existing buildings; erection of five/seven storey building comprising 80 bedroom supported accommodation and a three/ten storey building comprising 35 two-bedroom, eight three-bedroom and five one-bedroom flats; formation of vehicular access and provision of associated parking.
In an email to Gipsy Hill residents association Imani Smallwood, a director at South London YMCA which owns and manages the 80-bed hostel on Sylvan Hill says the proposed new purpose-built hostel planned for Sylvan Hill is a direct replacement for “the current, poor provision.”
“All 80 units will be self-contained. “30 of these 80 units will be resettlement accommodation (i.e. for residents with low or no support needs). “We do not accept referrals from other areas; all residents are young people from Croydon. “It is a service for local young people, usually coming to us following a crisis such as family breakdown or homelessness.
“Over 85pc of residents successfully move on to independent living, usually still within the borough, and we support them to enter employment or training.
“Once the hostel is complete, the residents will move from the old block into the new one. “The old hostel will then be demolished and on that site, 40 flats for private sale will be built. “These properties, delivered by our partners Hills Partnership, will provide brand new accommodation for the area, bringing in additional owner-occupier residents and therefore boosting the local economy.
“As always, we are very happy to communicate widely with local neighbours and will be holding an open day at St John’s Church on Auckland Road on Wednesday 7th August at 7pm to 8pm. “We have advertised this widely, and I would be delighted if you could make local residents that might like to attend aware so they will be able to find out more about this “
HAYNES LANE market, the popular second hand vintage and collectables market off Westow Street, has gone to a three day week. Opening times are Friday 11am to 5pm; Saturdays from 10.30am to 6pm and Sundays from 11am to 5pm. 
ICELAND’S UPPER NORWOOD store on Westow Hill shuts at FOUR pm this Saturday (10th) for a five day refurbishment – re-opening on Thursday (15th) at 9am.

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