A POLICE CONSTABLE was standing guard on Church Road tonight (Tuesday) after masonry fell from a building to the left of the former cinema.
No-one was hurt in the incident – described as a ‘building collapse’ by one London radio station – which occurred at around 7.30pm on Monday.
But one cyclist who had just gone past the building had a lucky escape. One car suffered scratches and dents.
Keith Sendall, a partner in Cashpoint Systems which sells tills and scales and is almost opposite the building, called the police. “The emergency services were here within 10 minutes” he said.
 “It was just lucky. ” A few hours earlier and with the kids back at school it would have been totally different.”
This evening there are still huge chunks of masonry lying in the roadway and on the pavement – with the area taped off from the corner of Patterson Road.
A Bromley council spokesman said (Aug 22nd): “Following the collapse of parapet stonework and coping stones at roof level, a Building Control Surveyor inspected the site last night to ensure the building was safe.  “Barriers were put up around the debris and scaffolding is to be erected by the building owner to ensure the safety of the site”

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