That’s the question developers who want to redevelop the Crystal Palace site have been asking – and the same question has also been posed on one of the local blog sites Virtual Norwood.

Posing the question Zirconium said the survey shows strong support for museum, art gallery, viewing platform, restaurant or café, and artists’studios.

There is 50 pc support for a cinema and seemingly a majority against retail/shops.

“Arup (the lead consultant on the project) have invited us to suggest activities which might take place in the proposed new Crystal Palace so why not get our creative thinking caps on and come up with some ideas?  “OK we don’t know if it will be built but what’s the harm?

“Here’s a couple of suggestions: performance area, e.g. small theatre; indoor market in the style of wholefoodsmarket  http://www.wholefoodsmarket.co.uk

In response jamesl suggested:

  • A very large display answering all the thousands of unanswered questions about the project.
  • A vault with the £100 million promised for the park in it. With a key held by the community stakeholder group.
  • A vast chamber to store all the unfulfilled and broken promises about the park stretching back over the years
  • A sound proof room to lock a certain local group in so they can rant and rave to their hearts content in front of one of those mirrors that gives a distorted perception of self.
  • A zoo for the white elephants
  • A rumour mill
  • The worlds biggest Waitrose, organic butchers and fishmongers
  • The punchline to this joke of project.

Duncanm suggested a butterfly farm while Jens’ wish would be a hotel which the local community can afford while
Magnolia suggested an education centre focusing on learning about environment/ecology, small workshop units for artists and other craftspeople, museum/ art gallery, cinema, activity centre for children themed on the park (for wet days!)

“Oh, and instead of one massive building, a small number of interlinked units set in quality landscaping.”

Biped suggested “a new tube station for the new tube line that I very much hope they will be building.” (Note: Obviously the Overground is new to them!)


Findings from the questionnaire used at the Crystal Palace Project drop in session on February 1st 2014 and available online from 29th January 2014. In total 387 responses were received; 178 questionnaires were filled in on the day, and 209 submitted online.

Would you like to see a new Crystal Palace developed in Crystal Palace Park?

53.6 per cent of people are supportive of seeing a new Crystal Palace developed in Crystal Palace park, whilst 27.6 pc remain unsure. 18.8 pc of people would not like to see a new Crystal Palace in the park.

What uses would you like to see in the Palace?

Museum, art gallery, restaurant/café and viewing platform were the most popular future uses, with over 80% of people wanting to see these uses in the new Palace.
Artist studios were also popular, with support from more than 70 pc of all respondents.
The least popular use for a new Crystal Palace was retail/shops, with over 50 pc of respondents saying they would not like to see this. A hotel was also unpopular; 45 pc of people do not want to see this in the new Crystal Palace. (Source: London Crystal Palace website

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