A free exhibition at Dulwich Picture Gallery this weekend is displaying work created during Perceptions and Reflections, an animation project with Salmagundi Films and Redthread Youth Club. 

Over five weeks young people aged 11-15 explored David Hockney’s iconic work currently on show in Hockney, Printmaker (until 11 May 2014). Using photo and animation iPad applications the group discovered unique ways to reinterpret Hockney’s printmaking techniques. A multimedia exhibition of the work will be displayed from Friday 25 until Sunday 27 April.
Hockney is well known for his constant picking up of new techniques including his recent foray into iPads. In this project young people channelled the artist’s sense of experimentation creating 2D animated self-portraits, 3D animations and short films. The digital focus of the workshops encouraged the young people to bring their own expertise and experience using iPads to help shape the project and exhibition.
The three day show includes digital sketches, short animations, video loops and photographs inspired by Hockney’s printing techniques using digital layering processes. The first step in the project was to take ‘selfies’; giving the young people a relevant way to access Hockney’s work and relate it back to their own lives. Using stop motion technique where live actors or objects are digitally captured frame-by-frame and turned into a continuous animation, Hockney’s portraits imaginatively came to life as the young people explored themes of self-identity and self-expression. The exhibition gives visitors an opportunity to see how young people have been inspired by Hockney’s work and how they have reinterpreted his methods to capture their personal world-view. Jessie (age 12) said: “I think it’s really cool how he can just say what he wants to through his art work and not be scared about what anyone thinks of him”.
Bo Chapman, Director of Salmagundi Films said:

“We were delighted to deliver a multimedia project inspired by the prints of a contemporary icon David Hockney! It felt apt to use iPads as a creative tool, continuing Hockney’s tradition of embracing technology and finding new ways of working. The young people particularly identified with the mischievous humour in Hockney’s early autobiographical work. The distinctive style, a mixture of scratchy doodle and limited palette, provided the inspiration for the Perception and Reflection self-portraits.”

Perceptions and Reflections runs from Friday 25 April until Sunday 27 April (11am – 5pm). It takes place in the Linbury Room at Dulwich Picture Gallery and is free to the public.
The Youth Engagement Programme at Dulwich Picture Gallery focuses on cultivating the positive impact young Londoners can have on their environment and demonstrate how they are able to enhance their communities. The programme aims to inspire young people to develop as artists and art leaders through professional creative arts activities. The Youth Engagement Programme runs all year round and engages people aged 11-19 out of school hours at DulwichPicture Gallery and in the community. It is free of charge inclusive to all young people but targeted at young people who might not otherwise be engaging with the Arts.

Salmagundi Films is a socially engaged film production company specialising in stop-frame animation. It is run by founders Zoe Flynn and Bo Chapman who work with various groups of people both young and old. They have previously worked in care home settings and have experience of working with people with dementia. They have worked collaboratively with other organisations and individuals on awareness campaigns, education projects, cross generational initiatives, community events and training courses. (Source: Dulwich Picture Gallery press release)
Dr Malise Ruthven, author of ‘Islam in the World’, is the latest speaker in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s Contextual Lecture Series, and will present ‘Muhammad’s Biography: Islam and Revisionist History’ at the Gallery on 10 June 2014. The lecture will review recent theories about the origins of Islam.
The Prophet Muhammad who is believed to have lived between 570 and 632 CE is one of the most influential figures in human history. Islam, the religion he founded, is followed by approximately one fifth of humanity and as the youngest of the great world religions it is often considered the most accessible in terms of its origins and early development. Since the 1970s, however, a growing number of scholars have started questioning the conventional view of Islamic origins which is based on exclusively Muslim sources. In his lecture Dr Ruthven will review theories from such scholars as John Wansburgh and Tom Holland.
Dr Ruthven said:
“While some of these theories – such as one proposing that Islam originated in the Palestine region after the Arab conquests rather than in the Hijaz region of Arabia – are highly controversial, mainstream scholarship appears to be  shifting away from the certainties of the past.  Muhammad’s biography may be facing the same level of historical scrutiny that Jesus’s did in the early 20th century.”
Muhammad is just one of 20 iconic figures discussed in Dulwich Picture Gallery’s prestigiousContextual Lecture Series 2014 which explores some of the most significant people who have changed the world.  The series continues throughout the year with pre-eminent specialists exploring the lives of key figures in history, philosophy, politics and religion as well as some of those who made ground breaking innovations in science and technology.

Dr Malise Ruthven is an Anglo-Irish academic and writer. Born in Dublin in 1942, he earned an MA in English Literature at Cambridge University, before working as a scriptwriter with the BBC Arabic and World Service, and a consultant on Middle Eastern affairs. He earned his PhD in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University. Having pursued a career as a writer, journalist and teacher, he focuses his work on religion, fundamentalism, and especially Islamic affairs.
Muhammad’s Biography: Islam and Revisionist History is at Dulwich Picture Gallery on 10 June 2014. All lectures will be held from 10.30 – 11.30am on Tuesdays throughout the year, in the Linbury Room.

Booking/ further information:
For more information about the series, please visit
Tickets cost £10 (£9 for Friends)
Tickets are available in advance online and on the telephone and there will be some availability on the door for each event on a first come, first served basis
For more information please contact Lettie McKie, Public Programmes Manager / 0208 299 8732


Plans are well underway for the sixth annual Sydenham Arts Festival (SAF) with some amazing acts and shows already lined up.
This Arts Council funded, arts and music extravaganza, will hit streets and venues in and around Sydenham, from Saturday 5 July – Sunday 20 July.

The fortnight will include more than 80 arts and culture events, including dance, music, poetry, film, comedy, visual arts and theatre projects. We are very proud to announce our closing event featuring British pop legend Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze, with openers lovers-rock reggae queens, Janet Kay & Carol Thompson. All at Home Park on 20 July.

One of many events for our youngest festival goers is the fantastic Romeo & Juliet featuring cat & dog puppets at the Albion Millennium Green on 13 July.

So if you fancy watching some theatre on a bus, delving into the local visual arts scene, or listening to some incredible jazz, folk or classical music be sure to mark it on your calendar!

For more information and to get more involved (there are some paid and volunteer positions available):

(Source: Sydenham Arts Festival)


April Events

Hello cinephiles!

We roll onwards into 2014 with another month of fantastic events. April features the first Wonder Reels of the year, a celebration of the centenary of Chaplin’s ‘Tramp’ persona, and towards the end of the month Mark Kermode will introduce one of his favourites. Follow the links for more information and to buy tickets. Or just visit our website!

7:30pm, Thursday 17 April
Celebrating Chaplin’s Tramp

7:30pm, Friday 18 April
The Silver Bo(x)

4pm – 7pm, Saturday 19 April
The Blinking Buzzards

7:30pm, Thursday 24 April
Star Canine Film Performances

7:30am, Thursday 29 April
Mark Kermode: Jeremy (1973)

Our mailing address is:
The Cinema Museum
2 Dugard Way
London, SE11 4TH
United Kingdom

(Source: Cinema Museum)

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