KICC have detailed their plans to use the former cinema building at 25 Church Road for combined church / community use in a series of 23 separate documents.

Church services would be held on Sundays from 9 am to 11.30 am and Tuesday evenings from 6 pm to 9 pm with the building open from 8 am to 11 pm seven days a week.

Consultants acting for KICC say a total of six ‘large’ events have been held at the site between August 2012 and the most recent event in July 2014 and have attracted between 550 and 1100 people.

“It is considered that the proposed change of use of the site will not substantially alter the
nature of these events, with regard to trip generation and travel characteristics” say Royal Haskoning DHV..

“The principle of hosting events at the site is established and therefore, it is not the purpose of
this report to demonstrate the difference between religious event or non-religious” they argue.

Elsewhere Royal Haskoning state: “Other, more infrequent events that may be held at the site could include conferences, seminars, ceremonies etc.

“It is important to note that such events fall within the existing permitted D2 assembly and leisure use and can be undertaken at present without the need for a separate planning application.”

In a separate document planning consultants London-based Simply Planning say: “A cinema use has not occurred for in excess of 45 years from this location.

“It is in this context that any objection on the basis of a loss of a leisure/entertainment use
should be set.

“In contrast by ensuring the building is available to outside organisations/groups for a range of community activities and events, delivers a genuine benefit to the immediate local community.”

PARKING: To overcome previous objections KICC would use 372 parking spaces in “non-residential roads” –  263 in Crystal Palace park and 95 on the access road leading from Anerley Hill into the park. No details are given of where the other 18 spaces would be.

There would be multiple minibus transfers to bring people to church services in the building – only 20 per cent of the current congregation walk to their Wimbledon branch.

They will be “formalising agreements with local car park owners/managers to ensure parking
is available for large events”.

But the planning documents fail to say where their congregation would park if concerts and other events were being held in the park – or if, and when, most of the parking spaces in the park disappear under the already-approved MasterPlan.

The documents say “a number of off-street car parks are located within walking distance.” (Two – Ed.)

COMMUNITY USE: The documents say 70 per cent of the building would be used for community use but that community use would not be allowed during the time church services are taking place.

Events planned include “Christening/parties” – but no mention of the infamous ‘Fontgate’ font.

Outside caterers would be brought in for events – but no mention is made of where any of their vans would park. (There are two parking spaces at the rear.)

Other uses include ceremonies (unspecified), conferences, political conventions and seminars.

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