CRYSTAL PALACE FOOD MARKET Saturday 24th September


Saturday 24th September

Meat, fish, veg, fruit, smokery, eggs, wine, cheese, charcuterie, Mediterranean goods, butter, raw milk, bread, store cupboard refills, eco cleaning refills, gluten free, vegan, salads, cakes, pastries, preserves, lunch, gifts, coffee, food bank collection, 2nd hand clothes sale.

Claude’s Boulangerie & Patisserie – NEW BREAD STALL

Dwight from Claude’s Boulangerie & Patisserie will be joining us for the first time this week. He’ll be coming for a month as a trial – let us know what you think.  Find them in the courtyard and here’s a list of what’s coming:

Pain au Levain which is a yeast free bread, it’s a long process as the dough is naturally fermented thus we leave the dough resting for at least 24hrs.   Le Rustiquewhich is a light brown bread a little bit chewy inside with a thin crust. The bread that goes with everything.   The Fjord (Scandinavian dark), our most unique bread with 75% rye flour and lots of seeds and healthier being higher in protein, low in gluten (1%) and higher in Omega 3.   Traditional French Baguette, à l’ancienne which is made the old french way to give a nice crust with some bubble inside for a little chewy taste.  100% Spelt Sourdough, highly recommended for gluten sensitive, this bread is yeast free too as it’s a sourdough, higher in protein too.   100% Rye Sourdough,  a wheat & yeast free bread, extremely dense and moist that lasts for days. Perfect for people who can’t have wheat.   Pain de Campagne, a lovely crust but light inside, the perfect loaf to put on the table when you’re receiving friends.   Old London Town Rye Bread, the ideal brown with oysters or any seafood.

On the Pastry Side:  French Pastry Butter Croissant, Pain au Chocolat, Pain au Raisin, Croissant aux Amendes (Almond Croissant), Apple Danish, Raspberry Danish, Apricot Danish.

And on the Sweet Side:  Chocolate Tart, Lemon Tart, Apple Tart, Mille feuille(Classic French Cake), Portuguese Custard Tart (Pastel De Nata), Chewy Chocolate Brownie.

Plus we’re delighted that Sarah from Gipsy Hill Herbs has taken over running The Grain Grocer.  There will be a proper relaunch soon, but in the mean time the stock levels have been topped up & she’s ready to welcome you & hear your suggestions. See below for her full update.

Guest stalls this week – Antenna Cafe site

Meru Galettes: Galettes & crepes

Guest lunch – Meru Galettes  Gabriel tells me the special this week is “Madagascan 72% dark chocolate & coconut crepe. £4.”  Plus, Galettes (Buckwheat flour, mineral water & grey sea salt)  GF V.  COMPLETE – British free-range cured ham, Emmental cheese & free-range egg  £5; POPEYE – Emmental cheese, spinach & free-range egg  £4.50; GOATFATHER – Spinach, goats cheese & walnuts  £5; INTO THE WILD – Mushroom, raclette cheese & truffle oil   £5.50; MAHA MERU – Roasted tomato, goats cheese, mushroom, kale & sesame seed gomasio  £6.  Crepes(English organic flour, organic milk, golden caster sugar & free-range eggs).  Salted butter & sugar  £3; Lemon & sugar £3; Chocolate buttons  milk/dark/white  £3; Maple syrup, banana & almonds £4; Honey, walnuts & banana £4.”

Preserves – Christine’s Creative All Sorts Christine says “‘Autumn is a magical, colourful time of year and you’ll find every shade of the season at Creative All Sorts this week. Glowing amber Spiced Apple Jelly and Apple Ginger Chutney, Rich Yellow Courgette and Lemon Marmalade, purple Plum Jam, dark green, mustard yellow and pink pickles… early Autumn sunshine captured in a jar!’

Gluten free – Owl Kitchen Mel is making us “Sweet – carrot cake, chocolate brownies, peanut butter squares, lemon drizzle cake, vegan banana & courgette cake, sugar free/dairy free beetroot torte, lemon & raspberry sandwich, coconut cookies.  Savoury – caramelised onion & extra mature cheddar mini quiche, sausage rolls, roasted red pepper & goats cheese tart.”

London Smoke & Cure: Super local – transported by wheelbarrow

Smokery – London Smoke & Cure Ross says “Autumn is coming back like the return of an old friend who you know has a penchant for quality smoked goodies. Fortunately, Crystal Palace has it’s very own smokery so your won’t go disappointed. Fix her up with some of the following:

For the plate – Hot smoked duck, Hot smoked chicken, Sashimi-grade cold smoked salmon.  For the chef – Hot smoked duck fat – make your roasties amazing; Hot smoked duck stock – a guaranteed flavour boost to your soups, risottos and stews; Smoked salt.  For the fiend –
Cold smoked cheeses – Cheddar, Brie and Camembert*; Smoked cashew nut butter – it returns!

* One of our favorite customers – Karen – is leaving our shores for a while and so this weeks smoked Camembert is in celebration of her and the joy she brings to the market. May she return fulfilled and before too long.”

Hellas Farms: ready to eat beans

Olive oil, ready to eat beans and more – Hellas Farm “We source and sell raw culinary ingredients such us ancient mediterranean organic herbs and infusions, pure unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, organic red wine and balsamic vinegars, wild flower honey and more from a variety of producers and suppliers. Plus we prepare conserves of tomato sauces, pulses soups, pepper and aubergine dips, olive pates, green and black fig jams, grape and almonds compote following family recipes. We also prepare weekly fresh Greek dips such as tzatziki and taramasalada.”

Handmade Palace –  local artists Sinead, Jakki, Libby, Nicky and Pranetta, will be there with local arts and crafts.

Second hand clothes – from stylish local Rebecca Snook and friend.

Guest stalls this week – Courtyard site

Cheese & charcuterie – Capo Caccia Antonio says ” Ciao, I’ll have fresh organic ricotta, black pepper pecorino, vegetarian goat cheese, red wine and wild fennel salami.”

The Charcuterie Board: proper ham sandwiches

Charcuterie – The Charcuterie Board The boys are back for the very last time. Come along for your fix of cured meats & those famous ham sarnies.

Local honey – by Ilona From Bromley bees.

Wine – Wine Scouts Pedro says “This Saturday our palates are travelling to Piedmont, NW Italy, with the beautiful, biodynamic Semplicemente Vino Bianco Degli Ulivi from Stefano Bellotti. Think Gavi, but partially-filtered and juicier. This wine is medium-yellow in colour; the nose initially suggests a rich butter cake, with nut and citrus oils. Later, once the wine has opened up, you see an amazing floral component, almost lily-like, with dry spice, quince and walnuts. A very good finish with an interesting bitter walnut and churned butter aftertaste. Yum!”

 Weekly stalls – Antenna Cafe site

Lunch – Comfort & Joy Deli stall selling salads, pies, wraps (hot or cold), pies from Andrea.

Brett & Bailey: apple & salted caramel cake

Cakes – Brett & Bailey If you missed last week’s big news, well, here it is again – you can now find us at the market every Saturday!   This weekend we have a couple of brand new treats on the stall, with chocolate as the star ingredient. First up is aluscious chocolate and pistachio gateau, finished with a drizzle of organic honey and some plump fresh figs. You’ll find it next to a decadent spiced plum cheesecake with caramelised white chocolate.
Also on the menu are double carrot cake, apple and salted caramel cake, plum crumble cake, chocolate Guinness cake, peanut butter bars, milk chocolate and orange cookies, and raspberry bakewells (that might be it for summer berries, so snaffle one while you can).  There’ll also be a basketful of our signature pecan and white chocolate chunk brownies, loads of sticky buns, jars of jam and our award-winning marmalade (just half a dozen left of the latter) and bomboloni with a stracciatella (creamy chocolate chip) filling.  If you’re missing the market then remember that our online shop is always open.

Vegetables, salad, herbs & fruit – Brambletye Fruit Farm, Brockmans & Wild Country Organics.
Brockmans: Corn

Brockmans – Jason says “This is a great time of year for fresh produce. We still have Summer items like tomatoes but we begin to see things like rainbow carrots and fancy cauliflowers. Sweetcorn is another new line this week and we have 2 varieties (Worcester and Red Pippin). Plus – 3 Types of Beetroot, Runner Beans, French Beans, Lettuces, Douglas and Golden Queen Salad Tomatoes, 4 Types of Kale, Mixed Salad, Onions, Leeks, 3 Types of Cherry Tomato, 3 Types of Potato, Grapefruit, Oranges and Peaches.”

Local growing project – Patchwork Farm (a Crystal Palace Transition Town project), selling locally grown food from our community gardens & gluts.  Get involved and bring in your gluts – or come and man the stall for an hour or so on a Saturday (email Christine if you’re interested in either).

Get your copy of 21 stories from Transition book – where the market & Patchwork Farm are featured.

Meat – Gill Wing Farm Meat produced sustainably in East Sussex and Kent. Andrew says “I’m going with the autumn feel – chicken portions, whole roast chicken,  diced and minced beef, minced lamb chops, joints and lots more.”

Raw milk, butter & other dairy – Hook & Son Organically produced in Kent.

Veaseys: Dan’s family’s boat NN733 ‘Le Belhara’

Fish – Veasey’s Dan says “More great fishing this week, the weather has been cool and calm perfect for all types of fish in late summer & autumn. We have seen the plaicesuddenly fattening up and they will continue to do so for the next couple of months. We will also have a good selection of sea bass, mackerel and other tasty round fish.  Nick will also be bringing more of his now famous bouillabaisse that we froze down last week.”  Orders can be taken over email, by phone 01342 822906, via dm on twitter @fishmongersFR or even by Royal Mail.  Veasey’s will do everything to accommodate your seafood needs.

Locally made art & crafts – Handmade Palace

Cafe – our friends at Antenna Cafe.

Weekly stalls – Courtyard site

The Grain Grocer: Tomasz hands over to Sarah

Storecupboard refills – The Grain Grocer  Sarah says “This week we’ve got organic spelt grain grown and milled at Sharpham Park Farm in Somerset and a range ofdried organic hand harvested seaweeds and organic seaweed salt from Cornwall.  As usual, we have sourdough bread from Brixton bakery BreadBread, Gipsy Hill Herbs’ teas & salts and a lovely selection of herb plants for your  garden or kitchen windowsill.

We will also be taking card payments and will soon be moving into somewhere approximating the 21st century with a set of whizzy digital scales that work out the price for any amount you care to purchase!  Keep your eyes open for new products and give us your suggestions for products you would like to see us stock.  Remember to bring your own containers for a 5% discount.  All our own food packaging is recyclable or compostable [and obviously refillable].  Herb plant pots can be rinsed and returned to us for recycling.

And finally, your chance to win a £20 Grain Grocer voucher.  We don’t have a new name yet and would like your help to find one, so bring your suggestions along to the stall tomorrow or send us a tweet at @gipsyhillherbs and the winning name will get a £20 voucher to spend with us.”

Bread & patisserie –  Claude’s Boulangerie and Patisserie  We welcome them to the market for the first time today. They have a small bakery in Woolwich with three bakers – two French & one Italian.  They’re bringing a wide range of bread, plus also pastries & sweet treats.  Full details above.

Chas & Momo have left the market – Momo says “Hello to all our lovely customers.  Chas & I are very very  sad to announce that last week was our last trading day at Crystal Palace Food Market!  We would like to say a massive thank you to Karen & Laura and of course all our lovely customers.  Don’t panic, we’re still baking, baking hardcore!  You can still get our bread from our Bakery in Penge or some local shops.  Also, we will be trading at the West Norwood Feast every first Sunday of the month, so you can still get our peanut butter & salted caramel brownies and our famous sausage rolls!”  See above for their replacement – Claude’s Boulangerie and Patisserie.

Collectables market –  our neighbour market Haynes Lane Market, a treasure trove of collectables.

The Foodbank – collection point at the market every week. Latest drop off (Tuesday 6 September) 30 kilos.  Total donated so far 1050 kilos.

We are proud to be part of Crystal Palace Transition Town.  Wondering who we are, what we do, or how you could get involved? Our blog section is a great place to start or this talk given by Joe Duggan, one of the co-chairs.

Follow us on twitter @CPFoodMarket or join us on Facebook.

CRYSTAL PALACE FOOD MARKET bottom of Haynes Lane / top of Bedwardine Road. Saturdays 10 am to 3 pm.

Now on two sites – the normal Antenna car park site and also in the Haynes Lane market courtyard.

“Meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, bread, cakes, salads, hot foods, the Cafe Thing, coffee, tea, pastries, cheese, dairy and munch munch more.”

West Norwood Food bank collection: every week at the market.  Their shopping list  – which changes every so often. – can be found at  

(The above is copied from an email; which mentions various links – for full links please go to the market website – Thanks)


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