Southwark council have closed Camberwell Grove immediately south of the junction with McNeil Road, to all motorised vehicular traffic. This is where the road is carried over the railway line.
In a statement Southwark council say: “The problem is that the bridge has been recently assessed as inadequate to carry the required loading for even the lowest national vehicular standard loading, which is for 3.0 tonne vehicles.

“Consequently, the council had no option but to close the bridge to all motorised vehicular traffic until remedial strengthening works can be undertaken. “The design for the strengthening works is complex and will require technical approval from Network Rail.

“The costs for the recent load assessment, and design of the strengthening works, are being funded directly by TfL as part of the capital allocation to the council for structures work. “Once an estimate has been prepared for the construction works, a bit will be submitted to TfL for the required funding from the 2017-18 allocation for all London boroughs.

“With respect to timescales for the strengthening works and re-opening to vehicular traffic, this is currently difficult to predict with any degree of confidence or accuracy.

“This is because the design has to be completed, Network Rail approval obtained for the design, the funding secured for the works, and then the required rail closure with Network Rail agreed to carry out the works.

“The council is doing everything possible to expedite the necessary design and preliminary discussions with Network Rail have already taken place. “But the earliest estimate for the works to be undertaken is around May/June 2017, providing of course that the required TfL funding is obtained.

“The bridge strengthening is intended to be designed to facilitate two way motor vehicle flows. “Final layout and traffic arrangements will be subject to consultation in due course.

“As part of the closure, the council are also monitoring the traffic volumes, levels and speeds on the diversion routes for the purposes of evaluating the effects and for any possible improvements.”

For further information, please contact (Source: Southwark council press release)

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