Central Hill estate residents Pete Elliott and his wife Mylene are set to run 10 marathons in 10 days to raise money to help save the community in which they live.

Pete, who missed out on becoming a Lambeth councillor by just 36 votes in the recent Gipsy Hill ward by-election for Lamnbeth council. and Mylene – say they “want to raise money to save our estate and raise awareness.”

The marathons they will be running – from Friday through to Sunday week – are part of Saxons, Vikings & Normans marathons and challenges around the Kent coastal area.

In a post on the couple say: “Lambeth council want to demolish the historic Central Hill estate which was designed by award-winning architect and town planner Rosemary Stjernstedt.

“Finished in 1975, the estate (complete with its own nuclear bunker) was intended to preserve the skyline of the fresh air borough, providing fine views into central London as well as outside spaces for its tenants.

“This well established, diverse, but extremely cohesive community want to maintain what they have got and improve it for the benefit of all in the area, they do not want to see it demolished.

“Whilst spending thousands and thousands of pounds trying to coerce the residents through propaganda and sham consultations into giving up the estate, the council have given no support to community-led alternatives.

“An alternative plan by the Architects for Social Housing, which has resident support could provide answers to the challenges as stated by the council if promoted and funded appropriately.

“This past week people living on Cressingham Gardens, another Lambeth estate in a very similar position, have been to the High Court in London to challenge the council again. Hopefully they will win yet another victory against the council. “We need to follow in their footsteps.

The residents will need a lot of financial support to help fight the council and to fund alternative plans. Most residents believe that the estate should be brought up to an appropriate level of repair as it has been neglected over a number of years by the landlord (Lambeth’s Labour council).

Thank you for your support Pete and Mylene Central Hill residents and Green Party members.

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