New polling has revealed that passengers across London and the wider commuter belt are turning against the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, over the ongoing chaos on commuter rail lines into London, say the Greater London Authority.

A press release from the Mayor of London says: “Just 14 per cent of London’s commuters now back him over this decision to keep London commuter lines in control of the train operating companies.

“This follows the news last week that in the last period Govia Thameslink, which runs Southern and other London commuter services, had the worst performance of any rail operator in more than a decade.

“Passengers have been left frustrated by Grayling’s decision to break the Government’s promise to hand over control of inner-London commuter services to TfL, who have set out a business case to provide a better service, fewer delays and frozen fares.

“The polling, conducted by Yougov for the Greater London Authority shows that 52 per cent of commuters across London believe that Chris Grayling took the wrong decision and should have given TfL control over the struggling commuter lines.

“In general 58 per cent think TfL should have more control of commuter rail lines, with only five per cent saying they should have less control.

“The new figures come as a cross-party group of MPs wrote to the Prime Minister urging her to review Chris Grayling’s decision. “The letter was signed by Conservative MPs Bob Neill (Bromley and Chislehurst) and Tania Mathias (Twickenham), Liberal Democrat MP Tom Brake (Carshalton and Wallington) and eleven Labour MPs.

“This further demonstrates that commuter rail devolution is supported by MPs, councils and Assembly members from all parties inside London and the wider commuter belt.

“TFL’s plans are supported by Conservative councils outside London including Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire and Sevenoaks. “The London Assembly has also passed a unanimous motion calling on Chris Grayling to change his mind.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “The Government is failing commuters with a terrible service, constant delays and cancellations while fares are increasing every year.

“Commuters deserve to be able to get to work and back on a reliable train service.

“This polling clearly demonstrates that commuters want the Government to give control of commuter rail lines to TfL, so they can get the more frequent, reliable and affordable service that they deserve.

“Conservative MPs and councils are also calling on the Government to review the decision taken by Chris Grayling the current Transport Secretary who went back on the previous promise made by his predecessor Patrick McLoughlin.

“It’s time for the Transport Secretary to stop burying his head in the sand and listen to what commuters want. “This is much more important than party politics – it is about people’s jobs, time with their family and quality of life.”

The poll was conducted by YouGov Plc.  Results are based on interviews with 1,000 London residents aged 18+. Interviews were carried out online between 19 and 22 December 2016. The data has been weighted and is representative of all London adults.  Topline results and data tables are available on London Datastore:

Further reading: ……..AS BROMLEY TORY MP CALLS FOR CHRIS GRAYLING TO RESIGN – “I will not allow long suffering passengers in my constituency to be used as political pawns.” (On this website)

And if you fancy a laugh: This is what caused a Southern train to become stuck in Crystal Palace by Sam Truelove  Croydon Advertiser Posted: December 22, 2016 (And we’re not talking Crystal Palace station!- Ed)


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