It’s time for Lambeth projects to apply for up to £1000 grant from Veolia’s community recycling fund.

Veolia want to help local communities recycle more and have launched a £50,000 Recycling Fund for Communities all over London (and Watford).

Now it’s time for Lambeth to get involved.

If you’ve got a local grassroots project that inspires people to do the right thing with their rubbish
If you’re using recycled or reused materials
If your project will help protect the local environment

We need to know!

Your project could receive a cash boost of up to £1000, as well as access to materials, equipment and even people to help get it off the ground.

In order to make sure as many people benefit from our new fund as possible we want to get everyone involved.

If you’re already running a project, upload your details to be in with a chance of up to £1000 funding!

If you want to get inspired, or if you’ve got an idea for a project and want to know if it’s the right kind of thing to get help, watch the film:

What’s planned?

Crowd funding workshops will teach local residents how to ensure their applications are successful when applying to our fund.
You can RSVP to our events  https://www.spacehive.com/movement/veolia/news
Please email: Jeyda.Keski@veolia.com if you have any questions.
Closing date for applications is 30 April 2017.

What’s happening around London already?

In Catford, Veolia funding supports Trees on the Green – trees made of recycled metal, wood and plastic are used to display community art including Valentine’s Day hearts and empty bottles to highlight World Water Day.

In Lewisham, a project to grow vegetables in a greenhouse made from recycled water bottles is also a great teaching aid about the environment.

In Watford, we’re helping support a group clearing the rivers

On the Old Kent Road, we’re part of transform 60 vacant garages into spaces for workshops, studios, cooking lessons and cultural activities

In Islington, we’re investing in outdoor gym equipment to help a group of young qualified personal trainers train the next generation in developing fitness and self-belief. (Source: Lambeth council’s Love Lambeth website)


Green party GLA member Sian Berry is to raise allegations of police ‘hacking’ with the new Met commissioner.

Commenting on a story in the Guardian Sian berry said:

“Evidence from this whistleblower shows that the police have been reading the personal emails of peaceful campaigners, some of whom I have worked with and who pose no risk to the public, accessing the most intimate details of their lives through illegally obtained passwords.

“This police unit clearly has no respect for privacy or the law and these alleged actions could disgrace the whole of the Met.

“I will be raising these revelations urgently with the new Commissioner. “It is now her responsibility to put a stop to this illegal activity, get this unit under control and regain the trust of Londoners.” (Source: London Assembly Green Party Group)

Further reading: Met police accused of using hackers to access protesters’ emails Exclusive: Watchdog investigates claim that secretive unit worked with Indian police to obtain campaigners’ passwords Story by  Rob Evans @robevansgdn The Guardian Tuesday 21 March 2017 16.35 GMT

The adult social care funding announced by Government following the Spring budget statement is only a ‘stopgap’ solution to a funding crisis that continues to spiral, Croydon council have warned.

Following the Chancellor’s announcement of additional adult social care funding for the next three years, Croydon council have learned they are to receive £5.5m in 2017/18, £4m in 2018/19 and £2m in 2019/20.

Local authorities have not yet been informed of any requirements attached to the funding, such as which areas it can be spent on, with details on the conditions and guidance expected later this month.

Cllr Louisa Woodley, Croydon’s cabinet member for families, health and social care, said: “We welcome this grant as a short term solution – but we remain seriously concerned about the lack of a long-term funding strategy and the failure to address this vital issue properly through the budget.

“Adult social care services across the country are already in the midst of a funding crisis – already thousands of service-users, carers and their families in Croydon are being impacted by cuts. With an ever-growing need and an ever-shrinking pot, the challenges are real.

“This grant runs only for the next three years with no funding commitment from the Government after that time. “There is also still uncertainty around the conditions of this additional funding, particularly, how can it be spent – for example, will it be ring-fenced for older people’s care, when we also desperately need funding across mental health and disabilities?

“Local authorities need this information as soon as possible. “We’re absolutely determined to protect our most vulnerable residents and Croydon has a strong track record in developing innovative solutions to meet financial challenges but like councils across the political divide, we believe that these vital services should be funded by national government.

“We will be looking to the Government to address these issues in the green paper published later this year and look forward to the opportunity to make our representations.”

Allocations can be seen on the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) webpage. (Source: Croydon council press release)

A taxi driver has been prosecuted for dropping cigarette litter near Bromley South station.

Uniformed enforcement officers were patrolling the Bromley South area in June last year, when they witnessed a man throw a cigarette end onto the pavement in Elmfield Road.

An enforcement officer with bodycam video recorded the scene as they approached the man asking to speak to him. He declined and walked over to a black taxi cab, got in and drove away.

The vehicle registration plate was traced and the individual identified. A fixed penalty notice was issued for littering offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and posted to him. Despite reminder letters, the £80 FPN was not paid and court proceedings commenced.

He was found guilty of littering at Bromley magistrates’ court and was ordered to pay a total of £580. He was fined £250 plus £30 surcharge and ordered to pay £300 towards costs.

Bromley’s executive member for environment Cllr Colin Smith warned: Fixed penalty notices for littering are set to intensify and are intended to serve as an expensive warning that this sort of behaviour simply isn’t acceptable in our borough.

“It costs Bromley tax-payers hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to keep the borough clean and individuals thoughtlessly throwing rubbish away in the street for others to clean up – however small that rubbish may be – need to stop and consider that fact.”

A Bromley council spokesman said: “To help maintain clean and safe neighbourhoods, the council operates a zero tolerance policy on litter.

“A FPN can be issued to anyone dropping litter including cigarette ends, chewing gum, drinks cans, fast food packaging or any other rubbish. Littering offenders may be issued with an £80 FPN which must be paid within 14 days.

“Failure to pay could result in prosecution and if convicted, offenders could face a penalty of up to £2,500.” The case was heard at Bromley magistrates’ court on 24 February 2017.  (Source: Bromley council press release)


Responding to news that Thames Water have been fined a record £20.3m following a sewage spill, Labour London Assembly Spokesperson for the Environment, Leonie Cooper AM, said:

“The fact that the Thames Water CEO attended Court in person is a welcome acknowledgement that they let down the people they are supposed to serve. A sewage spill of 1.5 billion litres has had an absolutely horrendous impact on the environment, with birds and fish being killed, and water poisoned.

“Judge Francis Sheridan said the scale of the problem was such that it must have been known up the chain of command. “It does appear that the leadership of Thames Water are finally stepping up, but I hope this gigantic fine will concentrate minds further.

“This news come days after Thames Water admitted the review they promised into the floods across London before Christmas would be delayed. “I have no doubt that my colleagues on the London Assembly will be keen to hear just what exactly is going on at Thames Water.”
(Source: GLA Labour party press release)


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