Lambeth council are still under investigation over its libraries plans, MPs have been told.

In April last year we reported on how the Government were set to probe Lambeth council over their libraries plans.

A DCMS spokesperson told News From Crystal Palace at the time : “The department has received a number of representations concerning the changes made to Lambeth council’s library service provision.

“After careful consideration, these are being treated as formal complaints in accordance with the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964.”

In a Parliamentary written question (March 23rd) Kevin Brennan, shadow minister for arts and heritage, asked which 15 local authorities have been investigated since 2010; and what the outcomes were of those investigations.

Responding, Rob Wilson, Parliamentary under-secretary of state for culture, media and sport replied: “The local authorities that are being or have been investigated are Lancashire, Lambeth, Southampton, Harrow, Sheffield, Newcastle, Lincolnshire, Bolton, Brent, Isle of Wight, Lewisham, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Doncaster and Surrey.

“In respect of Lancashire, Lambeth and Southampton these investigations are on-going and no final decision has been made.

“With regard to Harrow, Sheffield, Newcastle, Lincolnshire, Bolton, London borough of Brent, Isle of Wight, Lewisham the Secretary of State decided with each of these cases not to direct a local inquiry.

“In the case of Somerset and Gloucestershire no action was required as both local authorities reverted to their original library service provision following successful judicial review challenges and with respect to Doncaster and Surrey no action was taken.”

Further reading: GOVERNMENT PROBE LAMBETH OVER LIBRARIES PLANS: Move comes as Carnegie occupiers leave to heroes – and heroines – welcome from hundreds of supporters…News From Crystal Palace April 11, 2016


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