The above image – posted on Twitter by Architects for Social Housing – upset Lambeth Cllr Alex ‘Catman’ Bigham so much he reported ASH to Twitter, saying it contained ‘threats of violence.’

The image was one of three which ASH (Architects for Social Housing) posted alongside the comment:

“Tea Towel Fundraiser. Lambeth council so dirty it’ll make your dirty dishes look clean”

Cllr Bigham reported ASH to Twitter (full details of complaint unknown – Ed.) who responded: “We reviewed your report carefully and found that there was no violation of Twitter’s rules regarding abusive behaviour.”

Cllr Bigham then Tweeted: “Disappointed that @twitter don’t take threats of violence seriously when people complain, they need to stop burying head in sand.”

Martin Lacey asked: “Where are the threats of violence?”

Cllr Andy Wilson – from  the so-called Lambeth council – responded: “Where ASH suggest that cllrs belong in the Thames with rocks tied round their ankles #disgusting.”

To which Paul Sng‏ tweeted: “That’s not a threat of violence and you know it. “Get a grip.”

Would Cllr Bigham have complained if ASH had posted a photo of a yawning cat?

UPDATE: ASH tells us the tea towels were designed by the anarchist group Class War. “They exist as part of a Twitter campaign to expose Lambeth Labour council’s programme of estate demolition.

“ASH merely re-tweeted the tea towels with the line: ‘Lambeth Council: so dirty they’ll make your dirty dishes look clean.’,”

(NB News From Crystal Palace have checked the merchandise section of the Class War website but there’s no tea towels on sale.  We’re waiting to hear back from them. As for T shirts – now there’s a fundraising idea. – Ed.)


From the Friends: We began our 19th year with an AGM which, despite being off-site, was very well attended. Over 80 people filled St Saviour’s including 79 Friends and 40 members of Carnegie Library Association, whose AGM followed on.

The chair’s report outlined the events and activities staged during the past year to keep the spirit of the library alive following the closure and subsequent 10 day Occupation.

Consistent campaigning to reopen the library and support for the displaced clubs and groups continues, though Lambeth councillors and officers have been distant and largely uncommunicative.

The library is now being cleared of all books, shelves and furniture, including items belonging to the Friends.

While sorting these, we have seen the dreadful damage caused by water ingress, which has not been repaired since last summer and which could have been prevented had the gutters been cleared in spring. (Source FOCL / CLA)


News From Crystal Palace has been asking about the War Memorials which used to be stored in the Carnegie library Herne Hill basement (asking because Lambeth never gave us a reply).

Via a third party Jeff Doorn, who chairs the Friends of Carnegie Library, came back with the following:

“All the marble and  stone memorials have now been transferred to storage in the basement of Brixton Library; the brass ones are being examined by experts to quote a price for cleaning/restoration.

“A group consisting of head of libraries Susanna Barnes, two Lambeth officers, a Lambeth archives manager, a representative from Herne Hill Society and myself from Friends of Carnegie Library have met to consider the short and long-term future for the memorials, and we are due to meet again 21 April.

“It is hoped we can obtain funding to restore at least the WW1 memorials and display them while the centenary commemorations are still on.  “The others are a mixture of Boer War, WW2, school, church  and individual plaques and memorials, of which we know the provenance of some, but not all.”


 From social media: “The motto of the London borough of Lambeth is Spectemur Agendo (judge us by our acts). “Interesting, huh?”


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