Restrictions on times bags of rubbish can be left on pavements in Church Road, Westow Street and Westow Hill on the Triangle are set to be introduced by Croydon council from May 1st.

The initiative, which involves restricting the time of day that residents and businesses are allowed to leave their waste out for collectors, follows successful trials launched by Croydon in Thornton Heath last year said a council spokeswoman.

“Council officers will begin sending leaflets and doing door-to-door visits in advance to both inform residents and businesses and encourage them to get involved.

“Enforcement is led by council neighbourhood safety officers, who already regularly visit shopkeepers across the borough to check they have a commercial waste licence and are following the new rules.

“Such waste, left on the footway, often attracts fly-tippers and looks untidy. “Businesses have been instructed to advise their private waste collectors to collect waste outside the restricted hours.

“By October 2016, the new system in Thornton Heath was a clear success, with council contractors recording a 70-tonne reduction in the amount of rubbish dumped outside shops and it was rolled out to Portland Road, South Norwood in December.”

Cllr Stuart Collins, Croydon’s cabinet member for Clean & Green Croydon, said: “Bags of rubbish left on the pavement outside shopfronts looks horrible, whether its commercial waste left there legitimately or illegal flytipping dumped alongside.

“This scheme has been a huge success in terms of reducing the amount of rubbish sitting on our streets and it’s freed up our contractors to spend more time sweeping and cleaning.

“We’re also getting businesses to be more responsible and help make their streets tidier, which makes a huge difference to everyone in the community. “So, I’m delighted that more areas are about to benefit and I look forward to seeing the results.”

Time-banded waste collections, for both commercial and residential waste, will go live on Brigstock Road, Church Road, Westow Street and Westow Hill (The Triangle) from 1 May, followed by High Street South Norwood, Selhurst Road and Station Road on 15 May. (Source: Croydon council press release)

(NB: The new scheme does not apply to the Bromley side of Church Road or the Lambeth side of Westow Hill – Ed.)


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