Among a huge range of reactions to the reduction in free parking at the rear of Sainsbury’s Upper Norwood store are the following from Crystal Palace Local Facebook:

Robert Zahourek‎: Right, so I just drove into the Sainsbury’s car park up in our beloved Crystal Palace. The “allowed” time has gone down from three hours to two.

Andy Peskett: It’s still free.

Hayley Moffat: For two hours and then ye get a £70 fine

Andy Peskett: Yep, so still free…..Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Why should Sainsburys pay for and maintain a car park so people can shop elsewhere?

Julia D Wetherspoon: Why shouldn’t Sainsburys pay for it? There’s enough space even with people using it for browsing round the area etc. Consider it their contribution to the community for the markup on the stuff they sell.

Bill Savage: The answer is make it pay and display then you can park as long as you want..

Lynley Oram: It’s the only parking for the Triangle. All of the businesses in the area depend on it. And shoppers do too. It’s more likely that people will choose that Sainsbury’s to shop in if they can also mix it with a browse down Haynes Lane, coffee and cake, and a look around the independent shops. Otherwise why go there and not the Savacentre in Sydenham with its much bigger range?

Rachel Baseby: Well said, exactly right. There is no where else on the Triangle to park and having the three hrs means you can get all shopping done (Sainsburys and elsewhere), go to the post office, eat and be done with all chores in three hrs. It’s not about being lazy, it’s about a lack of time. Maybe the people that don’t think it’s an issue, have more time on the hands…

Jonathan Mark: If you are particularly worried start some kind of letter writing or social media campaign. If it matters to the local community enough then the groundswell of support will get the attention of Sainsbury’s and thereby the parking contractor.

Lynley Oram: True and it is something the people of CP are good at doing!

Wendy Griffiths: IMO it boils down to laziness … there are plenty of free spaces on many roads off the main Triangle in two years I have never not found a space

Greg Hughes: Could you mention a few, cos I don’t know them?

Wendy Griffiths: St Aubyns Road, Woodland Road, Coopers Yard, Jasper Road, Vicars Oak Road, Gatestone Road.

Clare Gassmann: Unfortunately there simply aren’t enough spaces in side streets to go round – or at least there won’t be if everyone now chooses that option. I’d be perfectly happy to pay to park for the extra hour in Sainsburys (or anywhere else in the Triangle for that matter, if there was an alternative. But there isn’t.)

Sarah Devi Giubilini-Darby: I just dislike the fact that this had changed with no warning….I go there every week and don’t necessarily look at the sign changing…!

Lynley Oram: When the supermarket was shut for a year the independent businesses up there suffered hugely. Footfall on the weekends was non existent.

Susan J Low: But I like to put the car in the car park, go to Sainsburys & do other things in CP. It also saves on street parking for those of you who live there. Three hours was great for a Sainsburys shop & a little pootle round. two hours isn’t quite enough. The result is I am less inclined to go to CP & support all local businesses. So a little short sighted I think.

Diane Collins: The point it’s called Sainsbury’s car park is a clue. It’s for people shopping in Sainsbury’s. Not town parking. Two hours is extremely ample time for a shopping trip.

Paul Fonceca: I can think of nothing worse than spending more than a hour shopping in Sainsbury’s.


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