CENTRAL HILL: “WE HAVE NEVER SAID WE SUPPORT DEMOLITION” – resident’s statement read to committee

CENTRAL HILL: “WE HAVE NEVER SAID WE SUPPORT DEMOLITION”  – resident’s statement read to committee

“My name is Barbara Kingston and I live at no. (deleted) Ridgeway on the Central Hill estate with my brother, William Kingston.  

We received a visit, NOT from Luke Murphy, but from Jennifer Brathwaite, who didn’t come in, but spoke to us at the door.

She asked if we have any issues in our home. Bill told her we have mice, and are very upset that the council are doing nothing to resolve the issue.  We have reported it many times, and only now have they stuffed wire wool in the holes where the old district heating goes in to the adjacent properties.

We were asked about mould, and Bill told Councillor Brathwaite that the only mould we have is in the corner of the living room ceiling, and a small patch on the ceiling by the window in one of the bedrooms.

We do not and never have had mould on the walls and do not consider the mould to be a risk to our health. We certainly don’t think it’s a reason to knock down the flats.

We DO think, the council, as our landlord should come and sort out the patch of mould and deal with the mice.  We are not THAT old and we are certainly not infirm, and at no time have we suggested that we require a home more adapted to our “needs”.  

We actually think Cllr Murphy is very rude to say this. We have never said we support demolition and in fact have completed surveys for both the residents and The Campaign Company who called on behalf of the council, and have stated in both of them that we do not want demolition but want the estate refurbished.

We have lived here for 44 years, since 1973, when the estate was completed, originally with our parents, and then the tenancy was passed to me. If we were forced to move into a new home, either on the new estate or elsewhere, I would fear for Bill if anything happened to me, as the new tenancy would not pass to him and would not be secure.

“The only security we have is this flat. “For the record, we are very happy here and want this to be our home for the rest of our lives. “We know and like our neighbours. “We strongly oppose demolition…and are very angry that Cllr Murphy has misrepresented us to cabinet. Barbara Kingston”

(Note: A couple of lines deleted for editorial reasons – Ed.)


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