Gipsy Hill ward Cllr Luke Murphy has been attacked over “untrue” claims he made to a Lambeth council cabinet meeting.

Cllr Murphy told the cabinet meeting (March 23rd) which approved the hugely controversial decision to demolish the Central Hill estate: “I have spoken with many tenants and leaseholders who live on the estate about the future of Central Hill……

“…..They include an elderly brother and sister, tenants, who live on Ridge Way. “They support the decision because of the persistent mould in their home, which covers their walls and they fear is affecting their health.

“Now elderly and infirm, they also feel the new properties would be better adapted to their needs……”

But Wednesday night’s meeting of Lambeth council’s overview and scrutiny committee – which was hearing a decision to ‘call in’ the estate demolition decision –  heard that:

  • Cllr Murphy had NOT visited the brother and sister mentioned – although his fellow ward Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite had (and she had not gone into their home)
  • There as no mould on the walls of the siblings home – but they did complain to Cllr Brathwaite about mice – and two small patches of mould
  • Both brother and sister oppose the estate demolition and want to stay where they are.The revelations came from Karen Bennett, secretary of the Central Hill residents and tenants association, as she read out a prepared statement signed by the sister, part of which reads:”We were asked about mould, and Bill (brother) told Cllr Brathwaite that the only mould we have is in the corner of the living room ceiling, and a small patch on the ceiling by the window in one of the bedrooms.

    “We do not and never have had mould on the walls and do not consider the mould to be a risk to our health. “We certainly don’t think it’s a reason to knock down the flats.

    BOLD “We DO think, the council, as our landlord should come and sort out the patch of mould and deal with the mice.  

    “We are not THAT old and we are certainly not infirm, and at no time have we suggested that we require a home more adapted to our ‘needs’.  “We actually think Cllr Murphy is very rude to say this.”  (For full statement please see elsewhere on this website – Ed.)

    Karen Bennett told the committee that because Cllr Murphy’s comments about the brother and sister were “completely untrue” it also cast doubt on his claims of ‘parents on Oakwood Drive who live there with their two teenage sons. They said that black mould constantly appears and spreads through their home and no amount of repair work can remove it.’

    She added: “We weren’t able to identify the residents referred to on Oakwood Drive, a family with sons, or therefore their neighbours as the descriptions were just too generic. “Unfortunately for Cllr Murphy, we WERE able to identify the elderly brother and sister on Ridge Way.”

    News From Crystal Palace has asked both Cllr Murphy and Cllr Brathwaite for a response. If we (ever) get one, we’ll let you know.

    Follow this link for the recording of the cabinet meeting…..go to 105 or thereabouts, then you get the speech by Cllr Murphy.



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