Sir Craig Tunstall, executive headteacher of the Gipsy Hill federation of schools which includes Paxton primary on Woodland Road, has been suspended.

No reason for his suspension has been made public.

Sir Craig recently saw his annual salary increase from £279,922 to £330,394.*

A Lambeth council spokesman said: “We can confirm that the executive headteacher of Gipsy Hill Federation Sir Craig Tunstall has been suspended. “Lambeth council has been supporting the Federation in this matter. “It is important to note suspension is a neutral act and is used to protect all parties whilst an investigation continues.”

Parents and carers of pupils attending schools in  the Gipsy Hill Federation were sent the following letter:

Dear Parents and Carers

Whilst we do not normally comment on individual employment matters I feel it is important to share the following information with you.

The executive head teacher, Sir Craig Tunstall, has recently been suspended from his role pending an internal investigation undertaken with Lambeth council.

Please note that suspension is a neutral act and is used to protect all parties whilst the investigation is under way and to ensure a fair process.

Whilst I appreciate you may be concerned about the contents of this letter, I would like to reassure parents that there is no concern relating to child protection.

Further I would like to reassure the school community that the provision of education will not be disrupted in any way.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure continuity of practice across the Gipsy Hill and Mayflower federations. Our excellent executive head teachers Susan Holt and Laleh Laverick with the team of head teachers will manage the day to day running of all schools within both federations with the continuing support of the council.

Please be assured you will be kept informed of any changes to this situation. Sarah Wintle chair of governors Gipsy Hill Federation.


The recent Lambeth council budget report showed how much Lambeth council’s fat cats were getting in the financial year ended March 31st 2016 – the same as the previous year.

Meanwhile the salary given to Craig Tunstall  of the Federation of Kingswood & Elmwood primary schools and children’s centres went up from 279,922 to £ 330,394.

Tunstall is not a council employee. A note to the report explains:”Craig Tunstall is included, despite being a school employee, due to the nature of schools that are not academies or free schools falling within the group boundaries of local government.

“These group boundaries are defined by regulation and interpreted by Chartered Institute of Public Finance & Accountancy (CIPFA).”


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