It’s our FOURTH birthday!!!!  Where did time go?  And welcome back Laura, we’re so glad you’re back.  We wanted to continue our theme of celebrating local producers, this week it’s the turn of our preserve makers starting with Imogeni, who has been with us from day one, and Creative All Sorts, run by Christine James, who also helps on the Patchwork Farm Stall.  Both live locally and use as many locally sourced products as they can (including bits and pieces from the Patchwork Farm Stall) to create great tasting preserves, chutneys and pickles.  In terms of hot food locals, we’re proud to have hosted; Domali, Casa Cuba –  to have helped; ATE streetfood, Makasan, Monk 29, Get Wurst, Margosa, Jerky Fridays, NOSH, Raclette, Gunpowder Pies, Simply Tay and Ric and Rob’s Firehouse.  That’s just the locals! And of course we mustn’t forget the schools, Rockmount, Kingswood and James Dixon, and all the other locals who have come with secondhand clothes, to raise money for charity or to educate us about truffles.  Last but not least, we have Handmade Palace, which has now become the Paxton Centre under Beth Mander’s management, promoting local artists and makers.  Jakki has now taken over the market stall renaming it Palace Makers.  What a lot to celebrate.

Crystal Palace Overground Festival are looking for volunteers.  Would you be interested?  Find out more here.

We’re also really happy to welcome back Patchwork Farm and have truly locally grown produce available again.  If you have any gluts from your garden/allotment please bring them in and swap for other local produce.  If you’re on twitter, tweet about it using the handle @CPPatchworkFarm.

Check out the new walk through

We’ve connected the upper and lower markets with a walk through thanks to Cosmo, who is renting us the space on a Saturday.  Check out his great recycled lights and the other makers we’ll be rotating each week.

Guest stalls this week

Guest lunch – Ric & Rob’s Smokehouse – Indonesian Street Food – Chicken sate wrap or with steamed rice or salad £6/7  – 48 hour Marinated chicken in sweet soy and spices, with mixed leaf and  herbs, seasonal pickled slaw, Chai Seeds, Crispy shallots, homemade  spicy peanut sauce, and homemade chilli sauce optional.  Fried aubergine wrap; Tofu wrap or with steamed rice or salad (V) £6/7 – Fried Aubergine amp; Tofu in sweet soy n chilli with mixed leaf and herbs,  seasonal pickled slaw, Chai Seeds, Crispy shallots, homemade spicy  peanut sauce, and homemade chilli sauce optional.  Vegetarian spring rolls (V) £3 – with mixed leaf and pickled slaw and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Truffles – Truffle Stories is run by Roberto Bertuol, self-appointed Alba truffles ambassador to the UK and further afield. Truffle Stories is a purveyor of grade “A” truffles from Alba (Italy) as well as white and black truffle-based products, such as white truffles sauces, black truffle condiments, preserved whole black truffle and truffle honey. Truffle Stories also organises tailor-made truffle hunting experiences in Italy. Come and smell our truffles.

Free-from – Owl Kitchen – gluten-free sweets and savories:  CAKES; carrot cake, luscious lemon raspberry sandwich, sticky ginger cake, sugar free dairy free beetroot torte, vegan chocolate avocado cake, vegan banana courgette cake, vegan peanut butter squares,chocolate brownies SAVOURIES; roasted red pepper and goats cheese quiche

Preserves – Creative All Sorts I will be bringing great tastes for summer BBQs and salads;  3 flavours of mustards, onion marmalade, beetroot chutneys and piccalilli for grilled meats and roasted veggies. Then there are preserved lemons with cinnamon, cloves, allspice and peppercorns for your salads, tagines, stir fries and roasts. A pickled salad in a jar of home grown radishes, radish leaves, shallots, oranges and pink peppercorns is undergoing its final taste test today before being labeled up. For grown-up breakfasts there is strawberry, mint and black pepper jam, strawberry and red wine jam, and clementine Marmalade with saffron and cardamom. For the little ones there is my ever popular four berry jam and delicious plum jam. And don’t buy stock cubes! I have you covered with jars of fresh vegetable stock paste.  See you Saturday!

Olive oil & more – Elia Olive Oil  Organic, extra virgin olive oil produced in the hills of Egion in the Peloponnes from two local varieties extracted by a method of cold press, followed by natural filtration, thus retaining all its flavour and nutritional value. The oil is distinguished by its delicate and fruity aromas, smooth, balanced flavour and low acidity of 0.4%. It’s delicious.  SPECIAL OFFER – 4 1L bottles for £40.

Patchwork Farm – they’re back! Rhubarb, locally grown produce, and some veggie seeds.  Everyone is welcome to bring in any gluts of veg – herbs – seedlings to swap.

Local brewery – Clarkshaws – We use only ingredients sourced from the UK, supporting local producers and reducing the ‘beer miles’ of all our products. This also ensures that we have full farm to face traceability.  No artificial flavours or preservatives, natch.  SPECIAL OFFER – buy one get one free on Gordon’s Alive golden ale.

Natural Wines – Wine Scouts  On Sat I’ll open the new vintage of the lovely, organic  Le P’tit Blanc du Clos du Tue Bœuf from the Loire in France: a fantastic Sauvignon Blanc, from mostly young vines. Careful vineyard work and selection, coupled with natural vinification give this wine a level of aromatic complexity and depth that is a bit surprising, given it’s unassuming name. This wine evolves quite a bit from citrus-driven early moments, to more subtle oxidative notes and quince aromas, and growing weight over course of a day or two. Yum!

Cheese – Capo Caccia “Hola, CHEESES; black truffle cacciotta, cow and sheep’s milk blue cheese, aged smoked ricotta, saffron Pecorino, vegetarain goat’s cheese, new cow’s milk blue and MEATS; gluten free cured sausage marinated in red wine, pork cheek guanciale, wild boar salami and lots of love! :)”

Art and Crafts – Palace Makers If you’d like to get involved in this weekly market stall please pay us a visit and have a chat.

Weekly stalls – courtyard site

Storecupboard refills – The Store Cupboard Sarah says “Tea time at The Store Cupboard: This week our lovely glass tea infusers are reduced in price. Made from toughened glass & dishwasher safe. Mugs reduced from £19 to £15 and tea pots from £21.50 to £16. While stocks last.  Back in stock: bioD laundry liquid, fabric softener and washing up liquid.  Friday opening: Can’t make Saturday, don’t want to queue or simply fancy a peaceful browse? We are now open every Friday from 11am – 4pm.  You can order in advance by email and pick up from us Friday or Saturday.  Click here for the order form.”

Lunch – Return to Shashamane Emilia is making us “Salads & sauces –chickpea salad with wakame seaweed; kidney beans with cardamom seeds and fresh tarragon; butter beans toasted with seeds and herbs; Mexican cabbage salad with herbs, chillies and onion; polenta chips; coriander chimmichurri sauce; quinoa salad. Hot – butter beans puree; spicy sauce with cayenne pepper; lentil tikka masala stew.”

Bread & patisserie –  Claude’s Boulangerie and Patisserie Bread & pastries, made in SE London.  See Trisha on the stall.

Collectables market – our neighbour market Haynes Lane Market, a treasure trove of collectables.

Weekly stalls – Antenna Cafe site

Lunch & Deli – Comfort & Joy Hot tasty wraps, salads and those famous (enormous) scotch eggs plus takeaways – curries, lasagne and more.

Lunch – Meru Galettes  Sweet & savoury galettes and crepes. The new special galette is caramelised onions, slow roasted tomatoes, cheese, salad, seeds and chilli.

Smoked Produce – London Smoke and Cure Ross says “For those of you that are regular customers you’ll know well what we do – very delicious, small batch products, made locally with the best ingredients possible. This week we’ll have it all – great organic bacons, lovely moreish smoked cheeses, cured meats and all served with the biggest smile.  I thought it might be interesting to do a few write ups focusing on a particular product to give you a bit of an insight into what we do. So I’m starting this week with our salmon pates. The main thing we try to achieve with our pates is something light, fresh and zingy. In competitor tests we’ve found it easy to make something that ends up being claggy… and that just ain’t what we’re about!! So here’s the recipe if you like what we do and fancy trying it at home.      

200g Poached Salmon (You want to try to get the freshest and best available – Veaseys is the best option for miles around)
100g Cream Cheese
50g  Sour Creme (this is the secret ingredient, keeping it light and fresh)
A drop or two of hot pepper sauce
A splash of Worcestershire sauce
A squeeze of lemon (till the juice runs down…)
Pepper and salt.
A handful of dill (finely chopped)
A spring onion (finely chopped)
A tiny bit of horseradish sauce
Mix it all up, enjoy the process, eat it off the spoon or spread it on some bread. Simple food makes for a happy belly! If you like, you can change the poached salmon for a cold or a hot smoked salmon version. It will be a bit deeper in flavour and if you give it to your friends they’ll start telling you to go on Masterchef.   Next week we’ll do a meat product, if you want to find out about something in particular let me know and we’ll do it! ross@londonsmokeandcure.co.uk  Remember, we produce right on your doorstep in the heart of the triangle. We are literally your local smokehouse!
See you tomorrow x “

Cakes – Brett & Bailey – It’s our award-winning local market’s 4th birthday, and we’re bringing the cake! Come and join us. Guest starring on this week’s cake parade is our elusive coffee and Brazil nut cake with lashings of vanilla latte butter, and a New York-style baked blueberry and lemon cheesecake. We’ll also have coconut and raspberry cake with plenty of fresh berries and coconut shavings; Top Banana cake with banana milkshake buttercream and salted dulce de leche; rich and malty chocolate Guinness cake; and double carrot cake with a gently spiced white chocolate and carrot ganache.  We’ll also have big favourites including raspberry bakewells that melt in the mouth, preserved lemon meringue pies with plenty of citrus zing and clouds of meringue, peanut butter bars with milk chocolate ganache and salted caramel, moreish peanut choc chip cookies, indulgent dark chocolate brownies flecked with pecans and white chocolate chunks, and loads of sticky buns, cardamom knots, and jars of our Great Taste Award-winning marmalade.   This week’s bomboloni filling? Stracciatella, inspired by the mouthwatering vanilla chocolate chip gelato you find all over Italy. Yum.   Missing the market? Remember that the Brett & Bailey online shop is always open.

Meat – Gill Wing Farm Andrew tells me this week he’ll have chicken (whole, breast, thighs & drums); Sussex beef – topside, sirloin, minced, steak and diced steaks; sausages; chops; wild garlic sausages; kofta; bacon – streaky and back; Pevensey marsh lamb – chops, minced, leg and shoulders.” Please ring Andrew on 07920 850 653 to place any meat orders.

Vegetables, salad, herbs & fruit – Brambletye Fruit Farm, Brockmans & Wild Country Organics.

Brockmans – Jason says, “New season asparagus and lettuces are the star offerings this week. Other new lines include cucumbers and vine tomatoes though in limited numbers. The recent warm weather is great if you are out and about in shorts and sandals but a nightmare if you want to plant crops.  Also at markets you will find
spring greens, broccoli, spartan apples, purslane, sorrel and parsley, beetroot, kale (limited), spinach, leeks, chard (limited), carrots, 2 varieties of potato, onions, mushrooms, eggs and much more, bananas, lemons and other exotics at Venn St, Crystal Palace, Brockley and Primrose Hill.  For news, tweets & photographs go to : Brockmans Farm

Raw milk, butter & other dairy – Hook & Son Organically produced in Kent, unprocessed in any way.  Taste the difference.

Fish – Veasey’s  Dan says “Hello everybody!  We’ve had some fine fish up so far this week the wind has been a little crazy out at sea but hey it’s like that sometimes.  Our local fish this week is: Garfish, Gurnard, Plaice, Seabass, Brill, Turbot, Soles and Squid  From the Smokery, Whole Smoked Mackerel, Cold Smoked Salmon, Hot Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout and our own Salmon Pate  Shellfish: Fresh Crab, Lobster, Cornish Mussels, Cornish Oysters, Lindisfarne Oysters, Raw Prawns, Jumbo Wild Prawns and Vongole Clams.  Have a great weekend.”  If you know you want anything, you could pre-order it with us either by email on info@veaseyandsons.co.uk or by phone on 01342 822906.”

Local growing project – Patchwork Farm (a Crystal Palace Transition Town project), selling locally grown food from our community gardens & gluts.

Locally made art & crafts – Palace Makers (previously called Handmade Palace)

Cafe – our friends at Antenna Cafe

Crystal Palace Transition Town – April newsletter now out.

Permaculture Garden in Merton – we love this from our friend Steve Topple at The Canary about May Project Gardens in Merton.

Transition Network – click here for our wider network’s April news.

The Foodbank – collection point at the market every week. They currently need washing up liquid, clothes washing powder, tinned carrots, UHT custard and tinned meat (not pork).  Latest drop off (Tuesday 18th April) 31 kilos.  Total donated so far 1390.7kg.

News From Crystal Palace – we love this local news page from our friend, journalist Jerry Green.

Save Central Hill Community – support our neighbours & find out more about the proposed demolition of the estate, and how it would everyone in the area.

Our neighbours – Antenna Studios  Music, dance, performances, practice, recording & more. Also loads of great classes and the best coffee in the Palace.

We are proud to be part of Crystal Palace Transition Town.  Wondering who we are, what we do, or how you could get involved? Our blog section is a great place to start or this talk given by Joe Duggan, one of the co-chairs.

Follow us on twitter @CPFoodMarket or join us on Facebook.

CRYSTAL PALACE FOOD MARKET bottom of Haynes Lane / top of Bedwardine Road. Saturdays 10 am to 3 pm.

Now on two sites – the normal Antenna car park site and also in the Haynes Lane market courtyard.

“Meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, bread, cakes, salads, hot foods, the Cafe Thing, coffee, tea, pastries, cheese, dairy and munch munch more.”

West Norwood Food bank collection: every week at the market.  Their shopping list  – which changes every so often. – can be found at

(The above is copied from an email; which mentions various links – for full links please go to the market website – Thanks)


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