New plans for the historic Queen’s hotel at 122 Church Road have been put forward by Euro (Queens Hotel) Ltd.

The application is for: the demolition of existing buildings to the centre and rear of the site and existing extensions to the roof with the construction of a new spine building;

a single storey extension to the restaurant, four subterranean levels which provide parking, a swimming pool and servicing space, to create a total of 530 hotel rooms and 170 vehicle parking spaces;

the re-cladding of the 1970’s extension, provision of enhanced landscaping across the site including three coach parking spaces to the front, and the adaption of the existing entrance to the hotel.

The submission of the planning application – with development taking place over four phases if approved – follows “a comprehensive pre-application process” with members and officers of Croydon council and with officers of the GLA, say the applicants.

“We have also sought input from a range of stakeholders, local community groups and residents, and we are confident that the redevelopment proposals provide an opportunity to provide high quality new hotel accommodation at the site and to visually improve this part of the Church Road conservation area.

“The development would also bring forward a range of planning benefits including: demolition of a series of existing non-original buildings and extensions of limited architectural merit and which provide hotel accommodation which is not up to modern day standards;

“the provisions of a series of high quality extensions which provide accommodation of a modern-day standard and which caters for a range of customer’s needs; and the significant enhancing to the existing townscape context by way of a series of contemporary extensions and alterations to elements of the building which detract from the local character.

“These will help to ‘frame’ the retained central element of the existing building.”

There would also be extensive measures to reduce existing on-street parking issues for the wider area, say the applicants.

To view the plans please go to planning:


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