Lambeth council have shelved plans for the Quietway 7 route despite them getting the go-ahead from Lambeth cabinet member Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite.

Cllr Brathwaite, Lambeth’s cabinet member for environment and housing,says: “The appendices that were attached to my decision do not provide the level of comfort that some of those who responded to the consultation are seeking.

“In particular, some consider that the degree to which their contribution has informed the design is insufficient and disproportionate to the significance of the issues they have raised.

“On that basis I have decided to withdraw my decision and to review the responses to consultation to ensure that all relevant considerations have properly been taken into account.”

On their website the three Labour councillors (“Anna, Max and Fred”) for Thurlow Park ward – through which part of the route runs – claim it’s them what done it.

“We are pleased to announce that thanks to our intervention the Quietways design decision has been withdrawn to allow for designs to be revisited and full consultation with residents” say Rag, Tag and Bobtail.

Let us be VERY blunt about this:

There is absolutely no way these three would have been allowed to ‘call in’ a decision without the say-so of Those WhoMustBeObeyed – the anonymous grouping which tells Lambeth LABOUR councillors what they should think and which way to vote – or face the consequences as Cllr Rachel Heywood found to her cost. (The question begs itself: Why WERE they allowed to ‘call in’ the decision?.)

(This also appears to apply to people who sign petitions the council don’t like. Strong rumour suggests that some Labour councillor wannabes who were on the candidates list for next May’s Lambeth council elections had their names removed from that list after admitting they had signed a libraries petition.).

Did we see the three Herne Hill ward Labour councillors call in the decision to turn part or all of the Carnegie library, Herne Hill into a gym?

Did we see the three Gipsy Hill ward Labour councillors call in the decision to demolish Central Hill estate Upper Norwood?

Diod we see the three Tulse Hill ward Labour councillors call in the decision to demolish the Cressingham Gardens estate?

No. In each case it was left to Cllr Tim Briggs, Lambeth’s Conservative opposition leader; or Cllr Scott Ainslie, the council’s only Green party councillor, to call them in.

Because the Labour councillors in those wards – and in others across the borough – failed to represent the views of their constituents. (See also: Fenwick, Knights Walk, South Lambeth, and Westbury estates – and the Minet library)

And what was the reaction of Sooty, Sweep and Soo to Cllr Biggs calling in the Quietway 7 decision?

“We found out after the call-in deadline had passed that the councillor for Clapham Common, Cllr Briggs, also called in the decision, although we are unclear why a representative from a different part of Lambeth would take a new interest in West Dulwich and West Norwood without the courtesy of discussing with the cabinet member or local councillors, given a lack of previous interest shown to any local or cycling matters” they bleat.

In other words: On Your Bike. But perhaps it’s the Thurlow Park three who should be getting on theirs.

“When the decision was published, we were concerned that the public feedback during the consultation and our contributions on residents’ behalf had not been taken into account…..”

But that’s what Lambeth do. Go through a mock ‘consultation’ and then go ahead and do what they planned to do in the first place ANYWAY.

Where have these three been for the last three years? (Oh. Right. They’ve been Lambeth Labour councillors attending council meetings and council committee meetings where members of the public have been complaining about lack of consultation and their voices being ignored.)

It will be very interesting to see what the new proposals for Quietway 7 are. But all three describe themselves as cyclists………

THE ‘CONSULTATION’ on Quietway 7 threw up a wide range of views. Among them was one which suggested making the pavement on the eastern side of Gipsy Hill shared use, to improve cyclist safety.

We already have this scheme up and running on all three sides of the Crystal Palace Triangle (Church Road / Westow Street / Westow Hill.)

They are called pavements.

Cyclists continually flout the law by riding on them. Fine: £100 if they’re caught. And then there’s those cyclists who actually use the roads but don’t consider that a red traffic light indicating STOP applies to them. (Example: Going through the red light on Westow Street by the Sparrowhawk and turning right into Westow Hill – where pedestrians may be crossing.)


Prior to the recent general election Defend the Ten, the group which campaigns on behalf of Lambeth’s libraries, wrote to Lambeth council leader Cllr Lib Peck.

Part of their letter read: “When Jeremy Corbyn launched the Labour party election campaign he attacked Tory austerity as ‘the establishment versus the people’ and said that it was the Labour party’s ‘historic duty’ to stand with the people.

“We are asking you to do this – re-open the libraries, stop giving money to Greenwich Leisure and Picturehouse to build leisure facilities for those who can afford it and instead fight for the people who vote for you. “Re-open our libraries!”

So far, Defend the Ten haven’t had a reply………

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