QUIETWAY 7: RESIDENTS VIEWS BEING IGNORED "Why I called in decision" – Cllr Tim Briggs

QUIETWAY 7: RESIDENTS VIEWS BEING IGNORED “Why I called in decision” – Cllr Tim Briggs

Lambeth’s Conservative opposition leader Cllr Tim Briggs said he called in the Quietway 7 decision after being told by Conservative activists in Thurlow Park and Gipsy Hill  that Labour councillors were fobbing them off and refusing to respond to concerns being raised about the details of the scheme.

“Thurlow Park activists Kelly ben Maimon, Elia Carvalho and Jack Kelly had discussed the issues with residents groups and individuals and we tried to include their concerns in the detail of the call in application that we drafted.

“No impact assessments had been done, Lambeth council refused to hold any public meetings, and Labour councillors ignored objections raised by residents until the last day possible, before calling in their OWN decision.

“The Thurlow Park team detailed issues raised by Norwood Action Group, the Rosendale Allotments Association, shops and individual residents.

“Kelly ben Maimon told me: ‘The problem is that Labour councillors think their job to is to explain the decision of the council to local residents. “We think councillors should represent the views of residents to the council’,.”

On their Thurlow Park ward blog the three Labour councillors who call themselves Anna, Max and Fred say: “Thanks to our willingness to engage with the cabinet member and officers, they have therefore agreed to withdraw the decision in order to take on board our points. They have committed to work with us to –

– revisit the responses to the last consultation
– revise the project plan and timeline to include a 4-6 week public engagement period
– put in place a process so that as your local councillors we have greater input into designs
– review the engagement process for future transport projects so that this problem doesn’t arise again.

“When the decision was published, we were concerned that the public feedback during the consultation and our contributions on residents’ behalf had not been taken into account as plans appeared unchanged except for the reinstatement of parking on Turney Road.

“And as cyclists, we don’t believe the scheme delivers the safety improvements that cyclists and pedestrians need either.”

The three also say: “We found out after the call-in deadline had passed that the councillor for Clapham Common, Cllr Briggs, also called in the decision, although we are unclear why a representative from a different part of Lambeth would take a new interest in West Dulwich and West Norwood without the courtesy of discussing with the cabinet member or local councillors, given a lack of previous interest shown to any local or cycling matters.”

(Editor’s note: Cllr Briggs ‘called in’ the decision on Friday June 9th, the three Thurlow Park ward councillors ‘called in’ the decision the following Monday.)

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