FOOD MARKET – SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM….AND A LIBRARY OF THINGS (plus South Norwood country park / St Christopher’s hospice and People for Portland Road)

Crystal Palace is getting a Library of Things! What’s a Library of Things, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a place you can borrow a ladder, sewing machine, tent, drill, or any other thing.  Just like borrowing a book.  They are fundraising, and if we all chipped in a few quid they’d be sorted.

Details: 4 July at 19:30–21:30
Upper Norwood Library Hub
39-41 Westow Hill, SE19 1TJ

Come along for a quick briefing on how make our crowdfunding bid to bring a Library Of Things to Crystal Palace ! A partnership between the transition town and Upper Norwood Library Hub. Even if you can’t make the night, why not make a pledge (Even £2 helps) ; make a comment of support and share it with your friends. Here’s the link for pledging, sharing and commenting !

Farewell Trisha!

In other news, we say farewell to Trisha from the bread stall – this will be her last day working on the stall before she moves to the seaside. We’ll miss you Trisha!

And… after much demand, we’ll have ice cream in the market tomorrow!

Guest stalls this week

Wine – Wine Scouts  Pedro says “Hola! On Saturday I’ll open an organic Malbec from Cahors in France, its birthplace. Malbec Camille Château du Cèdre: this approachable, soft, Malbec is about pure fruit with no oak ageing. Ideal for the summer with only 12% of alcohol by volume. Medium bodied, velvet tannins, jammy spicy flavours and a round finish. The Verhaeghe family have been making wine in the Lot since the 1950s. Today Pascal and Jean-Marc are in charge of this domaine, now certified both organic and biodynamic. Drawing on his winemaking experience from California to Burgundy, Pascal delicately creates wines of great elegance and roundness.”

Hiver Beers: Beer made with honey

Beer – Hiver Beers Beer made with honey. Simon says “We still have places available for our urban bee keeping and craft beer tasting experience this summer. Ask Richard to tell you about ‘The Hiver Experience’ … and get him to give you some delicious beer samples too of course.”

Cheese & cured meats – Capo Caccia Antonio says “Yo yo! I have brand new 20 days cow and sheep’s milk caciotta, cow’s milk blue Cheese, cured tenderloin Filetto, smoked ricotta and fennel seed cured sausage plus organic saffron and organic mixed herbs.”

Preserves – Fruition Preserves Wendy says “English fruit season is in full swing and its been a busy couple of weeks! Our tangy Gooseberry & Elderflower Compote, made with Kent gooseberries poached in our homemade Elderflower cordial and our luxurious Sweet Cherry Compote, made with whole pitted Kent cherries, are both back in stock – yipee! What better for a refreshing summer breakfast served with Greek yoghurt and Fruition’s hand-roasted Granola with Almonds & Raisins. As always we will have our low-sugar, salt and gluten-free ketchups. Our Spicy Tomato and Spiced Plum Ketchup are the perfect accompaniments for all your BBQ needs and are especially good with homemade beef burgers. See you all on Saturday with lots of delicious tasters.”

Blowing Dandelion: NEW ice cream

Ice cream, chocolates & raw vegan cakes – Blowing Dandelion Made by Michaela in her Crystal Palace chocolaterie. Try the new ice cream – a little birdie told me the flavours will be vanilla, chocolate, raspberry ripple, mint choc chip, rhubarb & salted caramel – but who knows what might happen by then!

Olive oil and more – By Apulia  From the Southern region in Italy.

Hot sauces – Intoxyque Anuli says “We make gourmet sauces that are hand-made in small batches in Epsom, Surrey using only the finest fresh ingredients.  Our sauces are used as a table sauce or in cooking. Add to stir fries, soups, omelettes or use as a condiment for chips or crackers. Our sauces are free from added sugar, preservatives, additives and nasties. In addition, our range is gluten free and vegan. Uniquely, we do not use vinegar which can alter the taste of food thus allowing our sauces to compliment food without overpowering it. Visit our stall this Saturday for a free taster and join our growing tribe of INTOXYQUE lovers.”

Art work – Images Delmar Mid century and retro original illustration artwork and rare prints. Curated by local Dylan Doodleman. See his Instagram for more info.

Scented Candles – Coco & Ginger Mandy says “we offer a collection of fine candles & diffusers handcrafted in Crystal Palace using fragrances designed to evoke emotions and feelings.”

Weekly stalls – Courtyard site & walkthrough

The Store Cupboard: herbs & spices

Storecupboard refills – The Store Cupboard New this week – new eco refill cleaning products (laundry, fabric softener, dishwash & general cleaner) are now in a snazzy in built refill station in the walkthrough, next to The Store Cupboard. Also, we’ve bought some new big tubs for the jumbo oats & porridge oats, so you can fill your own bags – saving time in the queue. Winning.

Lunch – Return to Shashamane   Emilia is making us “Salads & sauces – lentil salad with mint & cloves; chickpea salad with wakame seaweed; kidney beans with cardamom seeds and fresh tarragon; butter beans toasted with seeds and herbs; Mexican cabbage salad with herbs, chillies and onion; polenta with mushrooms & tomatoes; coriander chimmichurri sauce; quinoa salad. Hot – butter beans puree; spicy sauce with cayenne pepper.”

Bread & patisserie –  Claude’s Boulangerie and Patisserie Bread & pastries, made in SE London.  See Trisha on the stall – it’s her last day!

Roots & Cycles: Reusable takeaway coffee cup

Upcycled lamps & eco products – Roots & Cycles Cosmo says “Cups…they don’t need to be thrown away after their first latte or builders brew. They can be used hundreds of times, this is why here at Roots and Cycles we are offering Organic Reusable Bamboo Cups that can be used over and over for all your hot and cold drinks whilst on the go. With three sizes and great patterns we’ve got it all. Plus bamboo is one of the fastest growing and strongest natural materials in the world.

Also our ever expanding selection of kitchen and bathroom essentials without the non recyclable packaging and all the Eco credentials. Toilet and kitchen paper with compostable outer and recycled inner. Soft on your tush and on the environment. More when you explore.”

Collectables market – our neighbour market Haynes Lane Market, a treasure trove of collectables.

Weekly stalls – Antenna Cafe site

Lunch & Deli – Comfort & Joy Hot tasty wraps, salads and those famous (enormous) scotch eggs plus takeaways – curries, lasagne and more.

Lunch – Meru Galettes   Crepes & galettes, made by Gabriel & Michelle.

London Smoke & Cure: Rib cured Jacob’s Ladder

Smoked Produce – London Smoke and Cure  Ross says “This week we’re going to be focusing on just the best sellers – a curated assembly of the very finest smoked and cured meats and cheeses. Among the haul will be three types of Salume, a smoked Chorizo, cured organic pork belly and our delicious slow smoked Pastrami. There’ll be a good few rare smoked duck breasts available too.

On the cheese side, smoked cheddar is back and in abundance. She’ll be sitting alongside Telaggio, Provolone, a black pepper Pecorino, and some beautiful smoked Camemberts.  Charlie’s on the stall giving out plenty of tasty samples.  Everything smoked on your doorstep. See you then Crystal Palace.”

Cakes – Brett & Bailey Joe says “We can’t promise sunshine, but we’ll have all the flavours of summer on our stall this Saturday. Don’t miss the return of our luscious baked strawberry and clotted cream cheesecake – it’s as indulgent as it sounds – along with Black Forest gateau with boozy cherries; Melba squares with glistening rows of perfectly ripe peaches and raspberries; limoncello-drizzled strawberry and white chocolate gateau; and moreish raspberry bakewells.

Brett & Bailey: Salted caramel bomboloni

Other favourites include chocolate Guinness cake (as we’re always asked for it when it’s not there); double carrot cake (the same); Fairtrade, Belgian dark chocolate brownies; triple chocolate cookies; sticky buns; cardamom knots; and a double batch of bomboloni filled with homemade salted caramel, and topped with smoky honeycomb and a drizzle of chocolate ganache.

We’ll also have jars of our award-winning marmalade, and some homemade lemon curd too. Missing the market? Remember that the Brett & Bailey online shop is always open. See you soon!”

Meat – Gill Wing Farm This week’s meat includes “Steaks, sausages, chicken portions, lamp chops, pork steaks, burgers, butterflied leg of lamb and more.” Please ring Andrew on 07920 850 653 to place any meat orders.

Brockmans: Currants

Vegetables, salad, herbs & fruit – Brambletye Fruit Farm, Brockmans & Wild Country Organics.

Brockmans – Jason says “Summer is underway, and we have lots of produce. This will increase week by week. We may even have some farm tomatoes this week but I will have to see which and how many tomorrow.  The stall will be very well stocked so come along and get some – New Potatoes; Mini Cucumbers; Courgettes; Mixed Salad; Kale; Aubergines; Tomato, Herb and Vegetable potted plants; Lettuces; Herb; Carrots; Onions; Duck Eggs; Mushrooms; Peaches and Nectarines.”

Hook Dairies: Baby barn owls on the farm!

Raw milk, butter & other dairy – Hook & Son Farmer Steve says “The crowdfunding is gong well, currently just under £15,000 towards our target of £100,000. A big thank you to those of you who have supported our campaign already.  The money we are raising will help us to buy 70 acres of marshland on the Pevensey Levels  that has come up for sale adjacent to us. We badly need to try to buy this as it will largely replace the 70 acres of land that we rent (it is not our own land) that we are losing to development. We are in a sticky situation, and any support that you can give to our campaign will be fantastic.   You can see our campaign here.  Any support that you can give will make such a difference and will hopefully raise enough to secure the future for our cows and our award winning farm, and your raw milk!

Barn owlets! Just the other evening we had a visit from the Barn Owl Trust who monitor the boxes within the habitat at Longley’s Farm, and the good news is that they found in total 7 owlets, 4 in one of the boxes and 3 in the other.  One of the boxes contained the heaviest owlets they have measured this year, which just goes to show that they have a full and varied diet in our locality, no doubt aided by our organic status and the fact that the Pevensey Levels are a Site of Special Scientific Interest, i.e. a protected area for conservation.

Typically 4-6 eggs are laid. The average is 4.7, and clutches laid earlier in the year are usually larger than later ones. Not all the eggs hatch though – 4 is the average – as some may be infertile.
Most bird species don’t start to incubate their eggs until the clutch is complete, so the eggs hatch at more or less the same time. But Barn Owls begin incubation as soon as the first egg is laid and lay additional eggs over a period of around 8-21 days. After 31-32 days’ incubation, the eggs hatch every 2-3 days, usually in the order they were laid. This is termed  ‘asynchronous” hatching. The age difference between the oldest and youngest nestlings can be as much as three weeks, which can be clearly seen in the photo above. This age variation serves to reduce the peak in food demand and spread it over a longer period. The female does all the incubation and the male provides all the food until the young are around 3 weeks old.

In their own study area The Barn Owl Trust have been checking around 80 sites every year since 1990 and accumulated over 22,000 Barn Owl records. Data is also gathered through the use of BTO rings and subsequent ring recoveries reported by the public.  This information underpins our research projects and evidence-based conservation work.

(Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is an offence to wilfully disturb nesting Barn Owls whilst at or near the nest, or to remove/damage/distrurb nests, eggs or young at the nest.  Getting up to an occupied nest and looking into it, or doing anything else to it requires a licence)”

Fish – Veasey’s Dan says “I am up this week in Nicks place as he is covering another market on Saturday. We will have some crazy weeks ahead due to staff holidays but we will be up every week as normal. See you all on Saturday!  Here’s some of what’s on the slab…

Veaseys: Dan is back this Saturday

Fresh Fish- Newhaven Plaice – £9 per Kg; Line caught Eastbourne Seabass – £19 per Kg; Sea Bream Black/Gilt Head – £15 per Kg; Wild Salmon & Sea Trout – £POA Pre Order Only; Dover Sole – £28 per Kg; Sushi Quality Tuna – £3.50 per 100g; Organic Salmon Fillet – £2.50 per 100g.

Shellfish – Live Palourde Clams – £1.60 per 100g; Live Cornish Mussels – £6.50 per Kg; Lindisfarne Oysters – £1 each; Cornish Rock Oysters – £1.20 each; Whole Cooked Crab – £9 per Kg; Cooked Beachy Head Lobster – £28 per Kg

Smoked Fish from our Smokehouse – Hot Oak Smoked Salmon – £3.20 per 100g; Cold Smoked Salmon – £3.60 per 100g; Cold Smoked Haddock Fillet -£1.85 per 100g; Whole Hot Smoked Mackerel – £5 each; Hot Smoked Eel – £5.80 per 100g; Manx Kippers – £1.50 each.

Place your pre-orders with us either by email on or by phone on 01342 822906.”

Local growing project – Patchwork Farm (a Crystal Palace Transition Town project), selling locally grown food from our community gardens & gluts.

Locally made art & crafts – Palace Makers (previously called Handmade Palace) Away this week, back next week.

Cafe – our friends at Antenna Cafe

Crystal Palace Transition Town

The Foodbank – collection point at the market every week. Jonathan says “We urgently need the following –

UHT Milk all sizes including dried milk
UHT Fruit Juice
Pasta Sauces (pasta itself is not needed)
Tinned/packet custard
Tinned Meat like corned beef, pies and stews

Thanks in advance. More details at”

Latest delivery 8.2kg.  Total donated so far 1432.8kg.

News From Crystal Palace – we love this local news page from our friend, journalist Jerry Green.

Save Central Hill Community – support our neighbours & find out more about the proposed demolition of the estate, and how it would everyone in the area.

Our neighbours – Antenna Studios  Music, dance, performances, practice, recording & more. Also loads of great classes and the best coffee in the Palace.

We are proud to be part of Crystal Palace Transition Town.  Wondering who we are, what we do, or how you could get involved? Our blog section is a great place to start or this talk given by Joe Duggan, one of the co-chairs.

Follow us on twitter @CPFoodMarket or join us on Facebook.

CRYSTAL PALACE FOOD MARKET bottom of Haynes Lane / top of Bedwardine Road. Saturdays 10 am to 3 pm.

Now on two sites – the normal Antenna car park site and also in the Haynes Lane market courtyard.

“Meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, honey, bread, cakes, salads, hot foods, the Cafe Thing, coffee, tea, pastries, cheese, dairy and munch munch more.”

West Norwood Food bank collection: every week at the market.  Their shopping list  – which changes every so often. – can be found at  

(The above is copied from an email; which mentions various links – for full links please go to the market website – Thanks)


The Friends of South Norwood Country Park invite you to join them for their next workday this coming Saturday 1st July.  They will be clearing along streams and rivers as part of their Three Rivers Cleanup.

All are welcome.  Please wear wellies if possible, or sturdy footwear and suitable outdoor clothes.  Tools and gloves will be provided, along with tea and coffee.

Meet at the Visitor Centre at 10am and finish around midday. (Source: Friends of South Norwood Country Park).


For the last 50 years St Christopher’s Hospice has been caring for the communities of South East London, and in that time has supported over 55,000 people and their friends and families.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, and all the families, friends, volunteers, and professionals in end of life care that have been involved with St Christopher’s over the years, a very special service of celebration and thanksgiving will be held in Southwark Cathedral in London on 20 July at 7pm.

The service is free to attend and all are welcome (tickets must be booked). Speakers at the evening event include Baroness Julia Neuberger, former Chair of the Kings Fund, Julia France, the mother of Sadie Rance, 24, who was cared for by St Christopher’s, and Shaun O’Leary, Joint Chief Executive at St Christopher’s Hospice. There will also be a candlelit procession, with a participant chosen to represent each year of the hospice.

Shaun O’Leary comments, “St Christopher’s means so much to so many people, right across South East London. Very many people know someone who we have helped to look after, and we feel very privileged to be part of that community and receive so much support back in return. Our service will be a wonderful occasion to celebrate the last 50 years and also give thanks to Dame Cicely Saunders, who started the global hospice movement from right here in Sydenham.”

Founded by Dame Cicely Saunders and opened on the 24 July 1967, St Christopher’s pioneered modern hospice care. Her vision, shared freely with others, led to the opening of hospices in the UK and across the world and gave rise to palliative care – a new discipline in medicine. Dame Cicely was determined to show that it is possible to live until you die.

The service is a free event but tickets must be booked by emailing

Southwark Cathedral is at London Bridge, London SE1 9DA (nearest train and tube station: London Bridge). The event will start at 7pm. (Source: St Christopher’s Hospice).

Saturday July 29, 10am – 12 noon

Stanley Halls
All are welcome at the People for Portland Road Annual General Meeting, where you can find out what’s going on, have your say and get involved in any of our activities. Put it in your diary now – we’ll look forward to seeing you there!. (Source: People for Portland Road)

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