Almost 90 per cent of people who responded to a Crystal Palace Chamber of Commerce questionnaire on parking at Sainsbury’s oppose the reduction in free parking time from three hours to two hours.

The Chamber of Commerce launched the questionnaire following the reduction in free parking for the outside car park at the rear of the store on Westow Street – with overstayers getting an automatic £70 fine.

Questions included:

The Sainsbury’s car park, off Westow Street, has recently reduced car parking time from 3 hours to 2 hours maximum (24 hours a day). Do you agree with this change? Total Replies: 374

No: 87 per cent  Yes:  11 pc  Don’t Know: 2pc

Are there times when you park in this car park and do not shop at this Sainsbury’s at the same visit? Replies: 353

Yes: 29 pc No: 40 pc     Occasionally: 31 pc

Across the Crystal Palace Triangle, do you consider there is enough overall parking for the town centre? Free Text replies: 373

Yes: 88pc No: 11pc  Don’t Know: 1pc

Does Crystal Palace need more cycle parking? Total Replies: 372

Yes 32pc No 14pc  Don’t Know 48pc

To encourage more visitors, shoppers and access to local amenities in Crystal Palace town centre, what parking changes should be considered? Free Text replies: 318. Analysis of replies by themes:

Longer maximum parking: 34pc Additional parking 24pc Longer off-peak parking 21pc Introduce charging 12pc Improved disabled, public transport, pedestrian and parking facilities 3pc Other 3pc

“TWO HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH….” – Some of the reasons people give for wanting a return to three-hour parking on the outside car park

The questionnaire also asked people to give their reasons for preferring a 2 hour, or a 3 hour, maximum stay time. There were 342 replies which relate to both the outside car park and the store’s multi-storey car park. These included:

2 Hour parking has disrupted my worship at The Salvation Army Upper Norwood. I can no longer share in the fellowship after a meeting.  2 hours can be limiting

2 hours does not allow time to use the vast array of shops and other amenities in the triangle which aren’t possible to visit unless using the car park. I often go to the Barnardo’s also and like time to visit Sainsbury’s afterwards.

2 hours doesn’t allow me enough time with children to shop, run errands and feed the children lunch before heading home.

2 hours doesn’t give you time do some shopping and having a spot of lunch at the weekend. The street parking is fine but limited. This will make CP a less attractive destination.

2 hours is insufficient time to spend much time in the local shops/restaurants/cafes etc. It will have a detrimental effect on the local economy and also local residents who will find people parking on their roads instead!

2 hours is not enough time to do shopping and support local businesses. Don’t Sainsbury’s realise that when people can’t visit other places there not coming to Sainsburys either…?

2 hours is not long enough to take my daughter to a playgroup and shop. Now I can only shop online with other supermarkets as I’m angry with Sainsbury’s.

3 hours allows enough and adequate time to do grocery shopping and to enjoy the CP Triangle amenities. Reduced time will result in significant loss of local business, especially restaurants due to lack of efficient parking availability

3 hours allows visitors to shop AND use local restaurants. Thanks to the hard work of local businesses in recent years, the area has become a weekend destination. Where else can people park?

3 hours gives me enough time to pootle round CP, have something to eat & get what I need in Sainsbury’s. 2 hours isn’t quite enough. This will put me off coming to CP & spending in the many businesses there so all will lose out.

3 hours gives me the time to shop locally and then at Sainsbury’s allowing the local businesses to flourish and stay on business. By reducing the parking to 2 hours then I will be forced to shop elsewhere like Tesco Elmers End or Streatham

Clearly a money grubbing move, not community minded. It’s the only public place to park in CP Triangle

If you come to have your hair done, do some birthday shopping, have a quick coffee and finish of your weekly shop at Sainsbury’s, you NEED more than two hours. This is profitable for both the businesses on the Triangle AND Sainsbury’s as many people shop at Sainsbury’s Upper Norwood BECAUSE they can do other things too.

I need over two hours to complete my visit to Sainsbury’s as I have a large shop to do accompanied by my unruly children! Two hours is not enough.

I used to be able to park in Sainsbury’s car park to do my shopping in the store, have a meal in Crystal Palace and look around the other shops. There isn’t much other parking in Crystal Palace so I rely on that car park. Now that it is 2 hours it’s not enough time. I would be willing to pay for the extra time but that isn’t an option. It’s never been full when I have been there so I am not sure what the rationale for the change is.

In 38 years, I’ve never had a problem finding a space in the car park even when there was no time limit. Remove it again, and give people the freedom to enjoy the Triangle without worrying about fines.

I’m now unable to do a Sainsbury’s shop with children in tow AND have lunch or get other things/browse for presents etc from shops the local area. I’ve now stopped visiting the local shops for fear of getting another parking fine. I received one recently. I was unfortunately 20 minutes late. I don’t want the stress of rushing around especially now when heavily pregnant and with toddler.

Restrictions are pushing folk to park in residential roads well past the Queen’s hotel and goodness know where the Gipsy Hill side. Seems corporate greed /lack of council concern outweighs any community spirit nowadays.

This is completely unnecessary as I’ve never (not once) seen the car park full since it’s been open. Most of the time if not even half full.

Crystal Palace district centre has no town centre car park and is particularly dependent on parking at the Sainsbury’s site. As a shopkeeper with 30 years experience I remember the catastrophic effect of the closure of the Sainsbury’s ( or Morrison’s as it was then) car park. This is a co-dependency. If the district centre suffers due to a reduction to 2 hours then Sainsbury’s will become less viable.

Those who AGREED with the change said:

Two hours is enough time to get shopping in Sainsburys ONLY. Not if you are lunching with friends, Going to church, or just browsing the shops.

Two hours is enough. More people should walk or take public transport to the Triangle

If you are shopping at Sainsbury’s you should be able to do your shopping in that time. They are not responsible for providing free parking for the rest of the area. I think they are entitled to make a charge after that time if people are doing shopping elsewhere.

It doesn’t take longer than an hour to do a full shop.

It is THEIR property and they do what they like with it.

It’s a Sainsbury’s car park. It’s not for people to park up and go elsewhere for hours on end.

Sainsbury’s is a business not a charity. And two hours is really quite generous. If parking is an issue, and I know it is since everyone parks on both sides at the top of my road, Fox Hill, and Tudor Rd every Sunday, then this is a council issue not Sainsbury’s’.

It is not a free car park for people to shop elsewhere and clog up the car park !

To discourage people from driving

Who cares

Crystal Palace is congested with traffic, so any initiative that attempts to reduce the use of cars can only be a good thing.

Comments from the few Don’t Knows included “Increase the turnover of spaces, but could lead to more vehicle movements” and “There was traditionally no limit. “Do not see a reason for one now.”

The questionnaire also asked people to provide any other comments, or suggestions regarding town centre parking access for disabled, cyclists, cars, or deliveries. 

The move is totally unnecessary and it will backfire. If I didn’t go to Palace for other errands, I would never use that branch if Sainsbury’s. There are so many others that are cheaper and offer better selection nearby that I wouldn’t chose to go there just to shop. That branch survives solely on the fact that you go up Palace, run your errands, grab a coffee, get what you need from the supermarket. What I’m finding myself doing now is park there, run my errands and than go shop at the other Sainsbury’s cause I’ve run out of time on my parking!

“Better cycle lanes around ALL of the the triangle. Especially the road with Jake Dunn Designs located on it.” (Church Road -Ed.)

More bike parks outside Sainos.

Crystal Palace needs to seriously consider how to make the area pedestrian friendly and reduce the over reliance on cars thus reducing air pollution and improving air quality.

Far too many disabled spots in Sainsbury’s but not enough parent and child spots

Free Shuttle buses/fares up both Anerley and Gipsy Hill would be a local boost to Triangle businesses and reduce traffic. Public transport should be incentivised.

I don’t believe there needs to be more cycle parking as there is a rack outside Sainsburys that barely seems to be used. And I don’t believe encouraging people to cycle to assist with the parking issue is the answer.

It is lazy thinking to apportion blame on the giant company of Sainsbury’s to cater for everybody’s parking requirements. Small businesses would fade and die but for adjacent supermarkets trading as happened after Morrisons closed down on the now site of Sainsburys a few years ago. Small businesses knew that there was very little parking available (besides supermarket site) when they opened and more fool them if they didn’t. Why not nap a small piece of Westow park for a car park. I do feel that many people are making far too much of this and their inflated sense of ‘entitlement’.

It’s illegal to cycle south from the Sainsbury’s bike racks and tricky to access them from any direction due to bus stop and high kerb. Not very well thought out.

More parking, ban cyclists

Sainsbury occupies the centre of Crystal Palace and has a duty to allow others on the Triangle to benefit from their free parking – which they can’t do in two hours. This then causes MORE CONGESTION around the Triangle, where there is already a lack of parking spaces.

The location of the town on the borders of five separate councils probably isn’t helping the situation.

Make part of area of outside parking at Sainsbury’s for disabled only and cyclists. CP park could be better used for general parking – or use public transport!


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