QUIETWAY 7 PUBLIC MEETING TOMORROW “Three cycling groups opposing plan” say Norwood Action Group

QUIETWAY 7 PUBLIC MEETING TOMORROW “Three cycling groups opposing plan” say Norwood Action Group

Following-on from the drop-in meeting organised by Thurlow Park Ward councillors on 14th August, Gipsy Hill ward councillors have a similar event planned for this Thursday (24th August) for the portion of the route Rosendale through to Paxton Green.
A ’round robin’ email from Norwood Action Group says: “You may recall that the Quietways project has been imposed on London boroughs by The Mayor of London, and local implementation is down to the experts and local consultation, though with central funding.

“Two years ago the Quietway experts unilaterally decided to close Rosendale Road for through traffic on ‘an experimental basis’, but local uproar stopped that in its tracks.

“We are informed that 70 per cent of those responding opposed that plan, including three cycling groups.  “Since then the project has been ‘stewing on a back-burner’.  “Once again it is in the public realm but now under time pressure.
“The Quietway 7 scheme will have major implications for road users whether bike, pedestrian or car so we desperately hope for a good outcome.

“You will know that despite the best efforts of all involved in another scheme, the improvements to Norwood Road have had some bad outcomes, particularly increased danger to cyclists.  “The current desperation to spend the money within the time limits must not be allowed to have bad outcomes!”

Councillors say: We have therefore organised a surgery with the designers, so that residents have the chance to raise these issues directly with the officers who are redrafting the plans.

When: Thursday 24th August, 6 to 8pm. In order to ensure everyone gets to hear from the designers and feed in their views we are organising the meeting in three slots. The designers will sit with each group for 40 minutes taking them through the designs and then answer questions. 6.00 to 6.40pm; 6.40 to 7.20pm; 7.20 to 8.00pm.

If possible, please indicate what time you may arrive by e-mailing councillor Luke Murphy on LMurphy1@lambeth.gov.uk so that we can have an idea of numbers for each group.

Where: Emmanuel Church & Community Centre, 96 Clive Road, SE21 8BU
What? A chance to sit down as part of a group with the Quietway designers to give your views and raise concerns. If you are unable to attend, please email us with any concerns and we will ensure they are raised with the designers. We are also happy to meet or speak with any resident or community group to discuss Quietways in more detail.
Best wishes,
Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite jbrathwaite@lambeth.gov.uk
Cllr Matthew Bennett mpbennett@lambeth.gov.uk
Cllr Luke Murphy lmurphy@lambeth.gov.uk (Source: Norwood Action Group)


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