Two more cases of businesses being fined after using unlicensed waste carriers have been reported by Bromley council.

Waste from refurbishment of a Coney Hall, Hayes restaurant was fly-tipped in Skibbs Lane, Chelsfield by an illegal waste removal operator. The restaurant owner pleaded guilty at Bromley magistrates court for failing to ensure his waste was disposed of legally and safely by a licensed waste carrier.

The court took into account that the owner usually disposed of his waste lawfully and felt he had learned a lesson and was unlikely to offend again. He was ordered to pay fines and costs totalling £580.

The restaurant owner was ‘cold called’ by a waste removal operator, didn’t check to see if he was a licensed waste carrier and paid £320 to have three mattresses and more than 30 boxes of take-away bags removed for disposal.

The restaurant owner failed to obtain a waste transfer note which would prove he was handing over responsibility of rubbish disposal to someone else. As he was still liable for the waste and having admitted that no duty of care checks were made, prosecution followed.

And a Bromley barbers paid fines and costs totalling £740 after the council’s envirocrime enforcement officer had been alerted to thirteen bags of fly-tipped rubbish in Ravensbourne Road, Bromley.

Investigations revealed that at least five of the black sacks contained hair clippings and used paper towels along with further evidence that the waste originated from the barbers shop nearby.

The barbers was contacted and the manageress denied dumping the rubbish as she was out of the country at the time but said that she disposes business waste at home.

Under no circumstances must business waste be disposed of in household waste collections, and it is an offence to do so.

Cllr Colin Smith, Bromley’s executive councillor for environment said: “There are so many authorised business waste disposal operators locally to choose from, including the council itself, all offering good, reliable, value for money services which collect and dispose of waste legally from their clients door, that the message really is simple.

“Please, do everybody a favour and use one!”

Businesses and traders may dispose of their own waste but first they need to be registered as a licensed waste carrier with the Environment Agency. They can then transport the waste to a licenced disposal facility, such as Waldo Road Bromley, where a fee is charged according to weight.

The other option is to have the business or trade waste collected. This must be by a person or company legally registered as a waste carrier. Check or find online at or call the Environment Agency hotline: 03708 506 506. The council operates a business waste collection service but trade waste agreements can be with private contractors, too.

For more waste disposal options, businesses and residents are advised to search  (Source: Bromley council press releases)


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