Organisers of this year’s Crystal Palace Overground Festival who made a ‘softly softly’ crowdfunding appeal to help cover a shortfall in costs of £8,000 on this year’s event have been absolutely amazed by the response.

Donations include £1,400 from the Gipsy Hill Brewery Co.; George Irvin of funfair fame donating £1,000 Andy Stem from Bambino’s on Church Road donating £500,  Gipsy Hill Smokehouse and Roast Hog £200, Brown and Green café chain £100 and Domali’s on Westow Street donating £50.

Festival director Noreen Meehan told News From Crystal Palace: “We had a fantastic festival this year after our year off and were thrilled to be able to bring Crystal Palace Park back to life and keep the festival free for all.

“It was a big step up for us but a necessary one as we had outgrown Westow Park.

“Health and safety is always our number one priority so increased security was essential in the light of the shocking terrorist attacks in London Bridge and Manchester.

“So in our first year in the park our budget increased that bit more than we initially had fundraised for so we have had to get back on that horse and launch our crowdfunder quite swiftly.

“We have had amazing support from the local community and businesses so far so we are feeling positive that we can reach our target by the deadline of 6 September with their help. “Dates for 2018 will be coming very soon!”

The Overground Festival’s appeal reads as follows:

“We had an amazing turnout with more than 28,000 of you passing through our free and beautifully sunny Crystal Palace park event on Saturday 17 June.

“The festival team loved seeing you all have such a great time, and it made all our hard work worth it. “The festival is almost entirely run by volunteers. “We’ve spent months planning and fundraising our socks off to raise the £170,000 required to make the festival run smoothly with the infrastructure in Crystal Palace Park costing £85,000 alone!

“Can you please help us just that bit more?

“We aim to fund the festival from events, grants, bar sales, stall rental and donations creating a sustainable business model for the future.

“With this being our first year in such a large venue there were a number of lessons to be learned and some costs did rise by more than expected.

“Added to this were additional security costs which we felt needed to be provided following the recent sad and shocking events in Borough and Manchester.

“As a result our costs including security, utilities and fencing were higher than budgeted and despite all our hard work we’ve ended the event with a shortfall of around £8,000.

“We now know what we need to do in the future to keep the festival accessible to all, but we need your help in our fledgling stage to get us through this year and set us on the road to a successful 2018 festival.

“Please can you help us just that bit more and give a donation of whatever you can afford? Any contribution from you would help a lot. “We’ve organised some perks to say thank you for your contribution to make your festival experience even more special in the future.

“Any surplus we get from this crowdfunder will of course go into funding the 2018 festival which we hope will be even more amazing!

“We hope you can help and thank you for your support.” The CPOF team x

(If you wish to donate please go to Overground Festival Twitter and click on the link. – Ed.)


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