Among the recommendations:


Promote the services of Croydon Works· and other key employment support stakeholders.

Map future skills needs and provision within the borough.

Increase opportunities to showcase industries by enabling work experience placements and apprenticeships and upskill residents creating socio-economic value.

Investigate targeted interventions to· support hard to reach groups into employment

Engage with programmes that can increase digital literacy in businesses.

Source further University or International programmes to look at expanding/creating further innovation centres

Support and promote programmes that work with schools and businesses to better inform students of local career opportunities.


Croydon council to map Broadband provision and overall connectivity and identify business needs within the borough.


Increase the profile of  each district centre’s offering.


Recommendation: Increase the attractiveness of markets· within Croydon in order to increase footfall.

Action: Create a programme of events throughout the year to increase the footfall within the market.  Increase the cultural attractiveness of the market, using music/art to attract more footfall creating a better visitor experience within the market area.


Croydon council to undertake a market assessment to look at the feasibility of utilising its suitable vacant assets to create affordable and flexible move on space for SMEs employing three or more people

Develop a consortium of SME friendly landowners to encourage the provision of affordable business floorspace in the borough to ensure Croydon remains one of the most affordable business locations in London.

Track the level of commercial, retail and leisure development more closely to identify what premises will become available and when.


Recommendation: Communication on rate distribution and support available for businesses on rate relief.

Action: Revise website business pages to provide relevant information on website.  Provide information to the Croydon Business Network in order to support businesses

Recommendation: Collective and coordinated lobbying for London to be treated in a fairer way when rateable values are set as it operates in a unique microcosm.

Action: Facilitate and action lobbying campaign.

Recommendation: Research models of best practice of other councils use of retained business rates for economic growth delivery.

Action: Investigate other councils’ use of retained business rates.


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