Work has started on the new skateboarding area in Crystal Palace park

The skatepark, funded by the Mayor of London, consists of an extended 100 metre (330 feet) long and 11metre (35 feet) wide curved concrete band, filled with a wide range of rideable terrains.

At one end sits an advanced cloverleaf pool, complete with swimming pool-style stone coping and tiling.

In the middle is an L-shaped steel-coping bowl, particularly suited to skilled transition riders, and offering a multitude of hips and curves.

And at the other end of the skatepark is a large mellow section, aimed at those of all abilities and riding styles, and for those just seeking to explore different lines and speeds.

BOLD BMX, quad-skating, rollerblading, scootering and skateboarding have all been considered in this design, and riders of all ages and abilities will be very welcome.

Surrounding the skatepark – which sits in a distinctive raised tray-like platform – are a series of new grass mounds, allowing for multiple viewing and relaxation points.

A new community group – the Friends of Crystal Palace Skatepark – has been formed, and will act as the community hub for the skatepark facility. An opening jam, demonstrations, lessons and other activities are all being planned.

The skatepark is one of a series of improvements to Crystal Palace park, which is part of a wider scheme largely funded by the Mayor of London, with additional funding from Historic England and London Borough of Bromley.

The £2.4million improvement scheme has provided community project grants, improved access points, ensured the restoration of a number of the Crystal Palace dinosaurs and the ‘at risk’ Crystal Palace sphinxes and south terrace steps. A new café is due to begin construction later this autumn.

Iain Borden of Friends of Crystal Palace Skatepark, a charitable association of local skaters and riders helping to maintain, promote and activate the skatepark said:

“There has been huge support for a skatepark in Crystal Palace for many years and it is exciting to now see it under construction.

“We would like to invite riders and skaters of all abilities to join our group so we can all make the most of this new facility.”
#crystalpalaceskatepark (Source: Bromley council press release)


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