Outside the Carnegie library Herne Hill. Defend the Ten Tweeted: 29 weeks till election day and we meet Ceres (retired teacher) and Bernard (actor and photographer, 84). Both had used @CarnegieLib since 1971. And sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Tweeted: Ruskin Readers: One of the groups @LambethLabour evicted with no warning from @CarnegieLib. Because they had no idea what went on there and cared still less.


The Carnegie Community Trust – the organisation appointed to take over the Carnegie library Herne Hill earlier this year – were given almost £40,000 for public relations expenditure, hiring a project group worker and other items relating to the library more than TWO YEARS AGO.

The secretive self-elected group of five got the money in the 2014 – 15 financial year from the former Co-operative Borough Fund.

Details of the reasons for the grant are made in a Freedom of Information Act reply by Lambeth council. (Items have been put in bold by News From Crystal Palace).

Question: Please could you state what the £39,955.95 given to the organisation/group now known as Carnegie Community Trust in the financial year 2014-2015 was for?

Response:  The funding to the Carnegie Community Trust was provided to support the delivery of the outcomes specified in the Co-op Borough Fund application.  These include:

Appointment of PR and Communications consultancy to:

To recommend how best to name and brand the project.
To advise on the design format for all communication media, such as Newsletter style, letterheads, and web style and arrangements for updating.
To advise how best to present the project to potential high-value donors and commercial sponsors, and to decision-makers.
To advise how best to set in place a community-donor scheme to attract smaller donations.
To advise on a strategy to promote awareness of the project in the local community while at the same time managing expectations of what can realistically be provided in the space available.

Appointment of Project Group worker to support the delivery of the following outcomes:

Detailed investigation of match funding opportunities for major building works including liaison with potential funders
Investigation of other funding sources to support the delivery of specific elements of the Carnegie preferred option especially those which would generate income
Manage external consultants working on the options appraisal report and other building related works

Liaise with local authority on behalf of the project group on all matters related to the Carnegie Library building
Coordination of events and activities to engage the local community and build a representative inclusive network of local people who are involved in the redevelopment of proposals for the library
Development of an activities plan based on taster sessions of a variety of activities to appeal to all sections of the community, to be arrange in the library
Outreach to local groups and communities of interest who might not know about the library proposals for example TRAs. Youth organisations, support organisations for those with mental health and other disabilities etc.
Coordinate activity to establish trust or independent legal entity (with suitable expert advice including independently commissioned advice from Community Matters and legal/financial advice)
Deliver the consultation and engagement plan including organising open days, meetings and events for local community to become involved in the work of the project group
Develop expression of interest for asset transfer on behalf of the project group
Work with project group and other technical advisors to develop a full asset transfer proposal including a five year costed business plan.
Additional outcomes: Commission a local voluntary sector youth provider to deliver youth engagement activities
Provide access for young people to the consultative forum via events and activities aimed specifically at local young people.NOTE: The Co-operative Borough Fund no longer exists and there has been no replacement (it became the Cooperative Investment Fund, but this has also finished).
Council financial years run from April 1st to March 31st.

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