Revised plans for the historic Queens hotel on Church Road are set to get the go-ahead at a Croydon council planning committee meeting tomorrow night (Thursday).

An officers report to the committee recommends permission for the plans which include demolition of existing buildings to the centre and rear of the site and existing extensions to the roof; the construction of a new spine building;

subterranean accommodation, parking, a swimming pool and servicing space to create a total of 530 hotel rooms and 170 vehicle parking spaces.

North Croydon Conservation Area Advisory Panel “strongly objected”, saying the proposals lack many of the amenities normally associated with large hotels.

Buildings to the rear, of up to six storeys, with no significant spaces between them to break up their visual impact, would further compound the huge detrimental impact on the visual amenity of the conservation area.

The proposals would also result in the demolition of the historic mews building.

Commneting on the revised application, the panel said that despite the proposed retention of the mews buildings to the rear of the site which is welcome, previous comments are maintained.

“In addition concerns are raised over the quality of hotel rooms/accommodation and that it would be a continuation of the current downmarket budget hotel.”

The report lists objections from Steve O’Connell GLA member for Croydon and Sutton who says the proposals are out of keeping with the Church Road Conservation Area, which comprises a mid/low rise detached residential area with well-spaced buildings.

Parking provision is inadequate and could negatively impact on surrounding residents, he added.

Fiona Twycross, Labour Londonwide GLA member says a multi-storey car park close to resident’s gardens would overlook their properties.

The impact on light has not been fully considered and would block out light for neighbouring properties.

Helen Hayes, Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, said the proposals would demolish a number of listed Victorian buildings; were not in keeping with the predominant Victorian style of architecture in the surrounding area and that  the hotel has dismissed neighbours attempts to discuss concerns.

Upper Norwood ward Cllr John Wentworth objected, saying  the proposals will have a negative impact on the residents of Upper Norwood.

The report says objections were also received from the Norwood Society, Fitzroy Wakefield Action group, Regency Garden management (Upper Norwood) Ltd, and Crystal Palace Triangle Planning Group

Objections from Croydon North MP Steve Reed, reported by News From Crystal Palace  on July 3rd, are not mentioned in the report.

The report says conditions regarding the grant of planning permission could include a £20,000 contribution towards potentially establishing a resident’s controlled parking zone. £25,000 would be payable by the applicants for improving signage in the vicinity.

Further reading: MP STEVE REED OBJECTS TO QUEENS HOTEL REDEVELOPMENT PLANS – “Bigger than Park Lane Hilton” News From Crystal Palace July 3, 2017


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