Other points from the report:

Objections include:


Three times above the density guide recommended for a comparable residential scheme
Recladding must be fireproof

Neighbour amenity

Overshadowing and loss of daylight / Noise and disturbance / Diminish the ambience of the Regency Garden / Visual intrusion;

Loss of a view (Officer comment: This is not a material planning consideration)

Quality of accommodation

Substandard hotel. Many rooms with no windows. Rooms small in size. / Not an improvement in hotel accommodation / Normal hotel facilities missing.


Not enough coach spaces / No car parking for staff / Inadequate parking provided


Business is buying up homes nearby (Officer comment:  This is not relevant to the application submission)

Need for potential access over land not discussed (Officer comment: This is a civil matter between land owners)

The officers report adds:

8.43 These proposals will deliver a net increase of 196 new hotel rooms across a range of accommodation formats. 30 and 32 of the additional rooms will be accessible and ‘family rooms’ respectively and will have a slightly larger layout than the remaining rooms which is welcomed.

3.1 During the course of the application amendments were made, with the main ones being:

The retention of part of the existing mews building forming boundary wall to rear of the site.
Reduction in proximity of basement car park to Wakefield Gardens.
Introduction of obscure windows overlooking Wakefield Gardens.
Windows provided at top floor level on the set back top floor of the Church Road
Reduction in proposed massing of upper element of staircase in 1970s building.

3.2 The application now comprises the following:

Demolition of buildings to the rear of the site. This will be replaced with a new rear extension (4-6 height in storeys) that has two northwards projections (the easternmost is new at 2-4 storeys and the western one has one more floor of new
accommodation on existing built form) and connect via a glazed courtyard to part retained mews building.

Beneath this area is the subterranean accommodation (max 5 storeys) that comprises parking, servicing and hotel leisure facilitates.

A five-storey extension on the south-western corner of the building with basement accommodation.
Single storey dining room extension to the centre rear of the hotel.
The proposals also include the recladding of the existing 1970s extension and the removal of an unsightly addition to the roof of the locally listed building and hotel canopies.
A new vehicle crossover is proposed, which allows coaches to enter and exit the site without crossing the pedestrian entrance.
A new exit is to be provided immediately to the west of the main hotel entrance to be used by coaches and taxis. Space for three coaches to drop off/pick up.
Provision of landscaping including new trees to the front of hotel addressing Church Road.

The report says that in the 1950s the southern wing of the Queens hotel was demolished to create access to the Fitzroy Gardens housing estate to the west of Church Road. The hotel acquired 120 Church Road and demolished the historic building to construct a large new northern wing in the 1970s.


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