Campaigners say Freedom of Information requests show Homes for Lambeth plans will mean JUST 16 extra social rent homes on Cressingham Gardens estate near Brockwell park (but Lambeth say different).

Similar situations will also exist on both the Central Hill and Westbury estates which Lambeth council also want to demolish as part of their Homes for Lambeth scheme, say campaigners.

In a Facebook post Save Cressingham Gardens say:  “Lambeth council’s latest submission to the London Mayor shows the number of proposed extra social rent homes dropping down to a mere 16 after proclaiming a lofty 27 extra at the cabinet meeting last year … and not a single drawing is yet down on paper.

“To recap – Lambeth wants to uproot 300 households to build an extra 16 homes for the 23,000 people on the waiting list.”

Lambeth Green party say they are “appalled” at “this further whittling away of the promises the council has been making to residents on the estates.”

Becki Newell, a Green party campaigner who lives on Central Hill estate, says: “Lambeth’s figures look good on paper, until you dig deeper and look at the language they are using.

“Social or council rents are replaced by the ‘London Affordable Rent’ affordable housing is still being defined as 80 per cent of the value of private market rents and sales.

“The current plans for Central Hill, 265 homes over two phases, will not rehouse all the estate’s own council tenants, not to mention those thousands of people in temporary accommodation or languishing on waiting lists.

“No wonder Lambeth has to spend so much money on PR to spin these figures. “This is a bad deal for the people of Lambeth, and the council needs to answer for this”.

But a Lambeth council spokesman told News From Crystal Palace: “This is a misunderstanding of the numbers in the FOI: it refers only to affordable homes that will be funded by the GLA, not the affordable homes that we plan to build.

“This award of GLA funding will contribute towards the provision of some – but not all -of the new affordable homes that Lambeth plans to build on the six estates.

“This latest award will cover work on the first phases of the programme only, due to the time-frame covered by the grant. “There are more phases.

“The GLA grants this time round only funded schemes which could be started before 2021 – not all of the new affordable homes planned for these estates can be completed within that timescale.”

NOTE: In their various bids for all six estates they want to demolish Lambeth council repeat the same mantra ad infinitum:

“In response to the shortage of affordable homes (23,000 people on our waiting list for a council home; the number of homeless families in temporary accommodation has risen sharply to almost 2,000, Lambeth has commenced a house building programme, which will involve an estate regeneration programme to improve a selection of its estates and deliver additional new homes, together with a small sites programme of building homes on land owned by the Council. Homes for Lambeth will act as developer and long term owner / investor in the new homes.
The new homes will mainly include a mix of new homes at council rent levels and new purpose-built ‘Build to Rent’ homes which will improve the market rental offer in the borough.
Lambeth Cabinet has approved its first six estate regeneration schemes namely, Cressingham Gardens, Westbury, South Lambeth, Knight’s Walk, Fenwick and most recently Central Hill.”,


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