Bromley council are offering free trees to groups and schools in the borough to plant in their grounds.

With around 36,000 trees planted in Bromley’s streets and up to a further 24,500 planted in its parks, the borough of Bromley already has one of the largest tree stocks of all the London boroughs.

“Thanks to TVC (The Conservation Volunteers) Free Trees Programme, in conjunction with the Lord Mayor’s Office, we are now able to offer any community groups, schools or religious groups trees to plant in their grounds to make our borough even greener” said a council spokesman..

“Each 60cm tree is supplied with a cane and protective planting spiral and you can chose from 15 species ranging from field maple, common crab apple, goat willow, mountain ash and bird cherry if you have a suitable smaller space or hornbeam, silver birch, English oak, wild cherry or green beech if you have more land.

“Or perhaps you even have room for a wildlife and shrubs pack comprising five each of hazel, dog rose, common privet, grey willow and common dog wood trees, i.e. 50 in total to create your very own mini woodland habitat!”

Whether you just want one or two specimen trees or wish to plant a small coppice please email or ring 0300 303 8658 for further details. Allocation of the trees will, of course, be subject to availability.

The annual autumn leaf clearance operation is underway in Bromley and marks the start of the busiest and most challenging season for street cleaning.

Already, in the first five weeks of leaf clearance operations, approximately 450 tonnes of leaves have been cleared from the streets in Bromley borough.

Cllr William Huntington-Thresher, executive councillor for environment, says: “Autumn brings a glorious red and gold colour to our borough. “Whilst we are fortunate to have so many trees across our Borough, clearing leaves in autumn remains a hugely challenging time for us.

“We have brought in extra leaving crews to help but nevertheless, it is still a sizeable task. “We are grateful for resident’s support who do help clear leaves in their street as part of being a Street Friend.”

Residents are reminded not to sweep leaves from their gardens, drives or pathways into the road, as this reduces street cleaning efficiency, may block road gullies and could cause flooding.

The council offers a green garden waste wheelie-bin collection service where members of the scheme can dispose of garden leaves and more through regular scheduled home collections, for an annual fee of £60.

For residents who only occasionally have green garden waste, individual sacks of leaves will be collected for £1.60 each. For further details and information on how to join, visit

Leaves and other green garden waste can also be composted at home or disposed of at the reuse and recycling centres – Waldo Road, Bromley and Churchfields Road, Beckenham. For more information on recycling and waste, search (Source: Bromley council press releases)


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