“The Carnegie library garden has been wrecked!

“Breaking several promises, Lambeth council’s contractors made an early morning start on 5 December despite the protests of local residents.

“Here’s the result.

“To sum up:
1. Carnegie library and garden given to Lambeth council by Andrew Carnegie FREE.

2. Building cherished, & garden extensively developed by local people, FREE.

3. Lambeth council trashes building and garden AT COST OF OVER £1.5m.

“The council is still fighting tooth and nail to conceal how this destructive ‘plan’ was initiated.” (Source: Defend the Ten website)

From Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

Five months to go until the local government elections and we introduce Suzanne & Bea (four). Suzanne says of the @CarnegieLib closure: “it’s awful, such a massive waste of space. “It’s closing has been so divisive too due to confusion with the alternative ‘community group’

“Yet local people couldn’t have done more to express their feelings. It was and is the most passionate, gallant and energetic campaign I’ve ever seen”.

She’s impressed by campaigners’ commitment: “sleeping in the library after closure, huge marches, petitions, emails, meetings, vigils, everything but still Lambeth Council will not listen”. Her comments come as trees were felled in the library grounds, against local wishes.

Sadly, as Suzanne was talking, Bea thought she was going back into the library and began pulling her Mum towards the door, only to realise it was still closed. We can’t know how many other children have been disappointed to learn the library is shut in recent months.


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