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Defend The Ten Retweeted Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ Dec 15 Retweeted Jim Dickson: Partial opening of @carnegielib just in time for the May 2018 elections. Wonder if that has anything to do with the timing. Wonder what new year resolutions @defendtheten @peoplesaudit etc. will be making?

Defend The Ten Retweeted SaveLambethLibraries‏ @SaveLambthLibs Dec 15 Retweeted Jim Dickson: By experienced customer care staff @JimDicksLambeth means @GLL_UK staff. We’re sure @LambethUNISON will have something to say about this! #defendtheten @defendtheten

Defend The Ten Retweeted Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis Dec 15: Replying to @SaveLambthLibs @defendtheten and three others When we met Cllr Dickson on 7 Dec he said he didn’t know what training or experience the GLL library staff would have, who would manage them, or whether they would be employed by GLL leisure or its libraries subsidiary ‘Better’ [sic]. “Experienced” made up for press release?

Poppy‏ @Poppy_Hasted Replying to @SaveLambthLibs @JimDicksLambeth and three others: I studied Librarianship for three years to degree level to become a qualified librarian, my niece has an MA in the subject – how many years have @JimDicksLambeth ‘customer care staff’ studied Librarianship? There’s more to it than just wielding a date stamp.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Mark Hayward‏ @ffsake Dec 15 Replying to @johnharris1969*: Libraries are places of learning with paid, knowledgeable, staff. Libraries with volunteers are ‘off the book’ discretionary services where, however well meant, the volunteer impulse does not replace what’s been lost. We shld be fighting for the former and NOT accepting the latter

(Responding to John Harris article in The Guardian: “The Tories are savaging libraries – and closing the book on social mobility / Since 2010, more than 478 libraries have closed in England, Wales and Scotland. It’s the old Tory con: talk up advancement, then attack the institutions that make it possible.” – Ed.)

‘Reading is being snatched out of young lives, with a blithe cruelty that ought to make ministers ashamed.’ (Picture caption accompanying article reads: Library users protest at the closure of Carnegie library in south-east London last year.)  Article posted: Friday 15 December 2017 06.00 GMT

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Dec 15: Powerful, incisive piece from @johnharris1969, however it’s worth noting that library destruction isn’t uniquely Tory, as recent experience in Lambeth clearly shows.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Leah Hardy‏ @LeahFHardy Dec 15 Replying to @defendtheten @johnharris1969 Absolutely not! Libraries closed by Lewisham (Labour-controlled –Ed.) – left to community groups to try to sustain.

Ann Cleeves‏Verified account @AnnCleeves: Jo Cox’s sister absolutely right: libraries important in the fight against loneliness. 12:08 AM – 15 Dec 2017

Shirley @Tallulah2431 Dec 15 Replying to @AnnCleeves:  Yes! My 82 year old Mum who I lost in May used the library almost every day. She loved to read & after my Dad died I’m sure books were a source of company as well as keeping her mind active. All libraries in this area are now community run. It’s wrong!

Defend The Ten Retweeted Librareon‏ @librareon Dec 15 BBC News – UK must tackle loneliness, says Jo Cox Commission report

(Editor’s note: BBC News said the report would be presented in Birstall on Friday by the joint commission chairs, Labour MP Rachel Reeves, (sister of Lewisham West and Penge MP Ellie Reeves and both Cator Park alumni) and the Conservative’s Seema Kennedy, They would be joined by Mrs Cox’s sister, Kim Leadbeater. Further reading: Loneliness is a ‘giant evil’ of our time, says Jo Cox commission … December 10th  )

Defend The Ten Retweeted Becki Newell @BexLDN Replying to @KateHoeyMP @PeoplesAudit and four others: BOLD People actually need to be listened to, instead of being told that ‘council knows best’. Information is blocked from the public due to ‘commercial sensitivity’ which basically allows them to dodge accountability.

Helen‏ @jhgm50 Dec 16 Retweeted Becki Newell: Exactly the same with @LambethCouncil disastrous roll out of libraries policy. Council does NOT believe in working for or with the people

Defend The Ten @defendtheten Replying to @mrmfr @Fairytrousers and 10 others: In reality the £1.25m spent on the Carnegie basement excavation would’ve paid for a third of Lambeths while library service. Terrible use of resources.

Herne Hill Greens @HerneHillGreens: “To turn libraries into gyms is not our vision for the people in this area.” Great to have @CarolineLucas with us in Herne Hill today

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Dec 16 responding: Well said, @CarolineLucas. It isn’t our vision either!

Defend The Ten Retweeted Christopher Pipe‏ @cplrc Dec 14: Lambeth council are trying to disempower your campaign by saying they’re reopening the Carnegie. Important you insist they run all the services & activities that went on before. Keep it busy, keep demanding comprehensive service.

Defend The Ten Retweeted sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Dec 17: #whouseslibraries @cllrpeck @SoniaWinifred @JimDicksLambeth Libraries need trained library staff committed to public service, not employees of a private enterprise to serve their communities. @GLL_UK is not the answer for @CarnegieLib


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