19 weeks until the local government elections and we have Isaiah (15) & Elijah (12). They particularly miss Carnegie Library during school holidays. Isaiah says “it was the only place we were allowed to go on our own. It was safe and fun, we miss our trips out together”

Elijah agrees: “we used to play together on the library computer. Not a lot of kids have books & computers, especially not all the latest stuff. It was fun to come here and be together”.

Isaiah then says “the library was something we did together as brothers. In the house we often end up doing different things”.

He adds “we definitely built up our relationship here and I think that will help us keep together when we are grown up”.

Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten Tweeted: The council still seems not to grasp that trained librarians have a major safeguarding part of their role. Will it ever?
With trained library staff only set to be onsite @CarnegieLib for two hours per day, it seems unlikely that youngsters will be able to use the library on their own to any great extent – or that their parents will be confident enough to let them do so. (Source: Defend the Ten Twitter)

From the Twittersphere:

Andy Wilson‏ @cllr_andywilson (Lambeth Cllr for Larkhall ward) about the new Lambeth town hall:

Replying to @Fairytrousers @LambethLabour and 11 others

We had 14 buildings down to 2 it saves us £4.5m a year which we can spend on frontline services rather than heating and maintaining buildings, good news is that in Lambeth we have kept all 10 Libraries open, it’s easy 4 opponents to pretend the Tory Gov and Austerity don’t exist

1.       Laura Swaffield‏ @lswaffield1 Dec 20 Replying to @cllr_andywilson @Fairytrousers and 11 others

£104m cost, saving £4.5m a year… so possible break even in 25 years then? And library wrecking has saved nothing at all. Happy to give you the figures.,

2.       Andy Wilson‏ @cllr_andywilson 20h20 hours ago Thanks Laura I have the figures I suggest you might want to go on course for capital project funding before throwing out incorrect statements that undermine your credibility

3.       Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis 5h5 hours ago: Talking of credibility, how is @LambethLabour’s pledge to reopen the Carnegie library in Summer 2017 working out?

Andy Plant‏ @andyplant08 Replying to @cllr_andywilson @Fairytrousers and 12 others

It’s also very easy for you and your colleagues to blame ALL issues on Tory cuts and austerity, and you do it with such alacrity that it seems to have become a trope

Defend The Ten Retweeted Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis 5h5 hours ago Replying to @cllr_andywilson @lswaffield1 and 12 others

As the man with the figures, can Cllr Wilson explain how “austerity” has obliged @LambethLabour to more than double the number of staff on its Council’s payroll paid over £50k? (Stats from Lambeth Council accounts).

1.        Defend The Ten Retweeted Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ 21h21 hours ago Replying to @lswaffield1 @cllr_andywilson and 12 others

With respect Andy, I’ve uncovered too many mistakes in published financial data to take any ‘official’ numbers on this issue seriously. Why don’t you invite me to a meeting with the people giving you these numbers and see who you end up believing at the end. Michael

Defend The Ten Retweeted Helen‏ @jhgm50 22h22 hours ago Helen Retweeted Andy Wilson Surely you are not counting tiny book selection at Waterloo & Minet? Plus Carnegie closed since April 2016

RestaffShefLibraries Retweeted Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis 5h5 hours ago Replying to @Fairytrousers @PrivateEyeNews No overdue fines for reopening libraries … or are there? #LocalElections2018

Laura Swaffield Retweeted Jason_Cobb‏ @Jason_Cobb Dec 20 Buzzed: @lambeth_council refuses to admit how many empty homes are on Cressingham Gardens estate … #housing #socialcleansing

And finally:

sarabredemear @sarabredemear Anyone else notice that the @GLL_UK slogan “Better” is now being applied to @lambeth_council emails? Has @LambethLabour completely sold the council to a private company now? @UKLabour @peterwalker99

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