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sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Replying to @cllr_andywilson @jwsal @LambethLabour

You have said you will open @CarnegieLib shortly before the local elections. That is all. Your colleagues have walked away from you. Your corporate friends will pay no rent for at least 4 years while profiting from a gym you have paid over £1million for. Where is the security?

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♻Michael J Keane  Replying to @cllr_andywilson @100pcLondoner

No sneering from me nor praise either. Bottom line is Lambeth took something that was working and broke it. The @carnegielib plan has been a VERY expensive mistake both in monetary terms and reputational damage. @FrndsofCarnegie

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Peoples Audit

Lambeth now spend £19m p/a more on senior managers than a decade ago – the difference would pay for all Lambeth’s libraries for five years! Where would we be without the @PeoplesAudit to shine a light on these issues?

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Helen‏ @jhgm50 – Helen Retweeted Book of Eleanor

And then there is the sad re-purposing of the main room, the 1st library space in the world designed for open access, now to be empty space for hire for secretive CCT. CCT just 3 people who represent no one. Lost cultural heritage.

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John Lubbock‏ @jwsal

They won’t reply to you because they simply don’t care about library services. They care about not alerting Lambeth residents to how incompetent they are.

John Lubbock Retweeted Defend The Ten

Meanwhile @LambethLabour have been totally silent on all the criticism about their privatisation of library services, overbudget town hall and undemocratic social cleansing of social housing estates, hoping it will all go away before council elections.

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Suman‏ @A_Holmesian Replying to @cllr_andywilson @jhgm50 and 3 others

We’re not sneering, we’re frustrated beyond belief at the lying & evasion by you & yours, at the opaque & dodgy deal w @CarnegieLib given to @GLL_UK rent free, with NO fin contribution to the lib, with millions spent converting it to a gym & a lib to be staffed by gym attendants!


Tweets from Lambeth Cllr Andy Wilson (Lab, Larkhall ward) and vice chairman of the council’s overview and scrutiny committee:

Andy Wilson‏ @cllr_andywilson

Replying to @100pcLondoner @carnegielibrary

I’m proud that the long term future of the Carnegie has been assured, Keeping Libraries open in the face of tory austerity and library closures across the country is something we should cheer not something to sneer

Replying to @Book_Of_Eleanor @A_Holmesian and 7 others

There will be Librarians – I’m not sure I understand why you are trying to catch me out, 100s of Libraries closed across the country, in the face of austerity and tory cuts the fact that the long term future of Carnegie is assured should be a reason to cheer not one to sneer

Replying to @Book_Of_Eleanor @A_Holmesian and 7 others

Well good news there are Librarians

Replying to @A_Holmesian @lswaffield1 @brixtonbuzz

I see you block trolls

Replying to @FrndsofCarnegie

I think securing the future of the Library for future generations is something to be proud of

Replying to @jhgm50 @lambeth_council

Library is open hundreds across country have been closed I think Orwell would be impressed this asset has been protected rather than mothballed

Replying to @jhgm50 @LambethLabour and 2 others

Long term future of library secured in the face of 100s of Libraries closed across the country and Tory austerity , should be a reason to cheer not a reason to sneer

Replying to @jwsal @SE25A @LambethLabour

GLL a social enterprise is now dodgy?

Replying to @jwsal @SE25A @LambethLabour

Not a member of Progress and I support Jeremy Corbyn – who I know is delighted that we have saved Libraries rather than closing them

Replying to @SE25A @jwsal @LambethLabour

I heard that the long term future of the Carnegie had been assured, when 100s of Libraries have been closed across the country

Replying to @100pcLondoner @KeaneMJ

Long term future of the Carnegie has been assured, when 100s of Libraries are being closed across the country you’d think keeping all our Libraries open would be a reason to cheer not to sneer

Replying to @jwsal @LambethLabour

I cannot fathom that when 100s of Libraries are closing across the country that a council that has secured the future of a Library in the face of Tory austerity gets such a hard time.

Replying to @jwsal @LambethLabour

All our Libraries are still open, please can you tell me which Libraries exactly are being closed?

*News From Crystal Palace did contact Cllr Wilson to ask if his comments on Jeremy Corbyn were humorous or not – and got a reply:

“I haven’t personally spoken to Jeremy Corbyn about every library in Lambeth but as we have found a way to keep them all open and the Labour party campaigns to fight against austerity and protect public services I feel as the party leader he would be supportive.

“I’m also not a member of Progress and I do support the leader of the Labour party.”

(Editor’s note: News From Crystal Palace is aware some (all?) of Cllr Wilson’s comments have caused, and will cause, outrage but we try to be impartial. AND we – finally – got a response from a Lambeth Labour councillor!!!!!!)


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