FUTURE OF EU CITIZENS IN LAMBETH – “No reply from Government” says council leader

No letter has been received from Government on the future of EU citizens living in the borough, Lambeth council leader Cllr Lib Peck told Wednesday night’s meeting of Lambeth council.
Cllr Peck was responding to a question from Cllr Ed Davie who had asked her: “Can the leader provide council with an update on any communications received from the government advising councils on how to cope with the impact of Brexit or any specific guarantees the borough has been given about the future of EU citizens living in our community?.”Responding, Cllr Peck told the meeting: “Despite written communications from Lambeth council to the government, including from the leader of the council in a joint letter with 21 other London council leaders to the Prime Minister in November urging her to guarantee the rights of EU citizens, Lambeth council have not received any response from the government.

“While we welcome the step forward in the Brexit negotiations that offered some reassurance to EU citizens, many people are still extremely worried that the agreement does not guarantee sufficient rights for existing residents, that the rights are time limited and are not clear on who will qualify, as the campaign group 3 Million has made clear.

“We have argued consistently as a council that this government should have acted immediately to guarantee EU citizens’ rights after the referendum and that it is disgraceful to use people as a bargaining chip in negotiations.

“We will continue to fight for their rights and make clear that a Labour government would absolutely guarantee the rights of our friends and neighbours on day one.

“On the wider issue of Brexit, the government has offered no guarantees about EU funding that funds vital programmes in our borough, particularly in relation to employment.”


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