Yesterday’s wonderful news that Crystal Palace is set to get a cinema back for the first time in 50 years saw social media go into meltdown.

Our story yesterday got a massive 631 hits in just over 12 hours – a record for a single day.

Posts on social media include:

Picture Palace Campaign: At this stage, this is all the information we can share with you but we hope that, like us, you will welcome this exciting development.

We will provide a further update once we know more. But for now, the campaign team would like to extend our wholehearted thanks to everyone who has supported us and been involved in the campaign over the past eight years. It has been a cast of thousands and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without you.

We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to Everyman to Crystal Palace and look forward to many happy moments at the pictures over the years to come.
Happy New Year!
With very best wishes
Picture Palace Campaign Team

Other reactions mainly from Crystal Palace Local Facebook group and Cinema4Crystal Palace Twitter include:

Mana Faro: HURRAAAAAAY!!! Well done the Picture Palace campaign!!! This is fantastic news!!!

Joe Duggan Absolutely stupendous news !!! Massive kudos to everyone who has worked on this and campaigned and supported it. All those emails and meetings and paperwork and soldiering on finally paid off in the end. Congratulations to you all !!!!

Kate Bufton‏: HUGE thank you for your tireless campaigning. Can’t wait to have an @Everymancinema on my doorstep!!! xx

Craig Wilson‏: Congratulations on an excellent campaign. Incredibly exciting news for the triangle.

Creany‏: Well done for all the hard work getting to this point..and to all those who helped

Helen Stoddart‏: Just the most amazing news, this has made my year so far! Huge thanks for your perseverance and hard work. Onwards and upwards 🙂

esme yuill: Eight years of campaigning, lobbying and working through the planning system. Congratulations! Shows what community tenacity can do.

Salt + Pickle‏ @SaltAndPickle: STOP THE PRESS: this is awesome news; an Everyman cinema destined for Church Road! Well done @picturepalace – the hard work and dedication has paid off!

BAMBINO‏ @andybambino: A momentous day for CP A big up to the tireless Campaign & all the 100’s of good people who’ve stuck with it for so many years

Anna Sayburn Lane: Everyman Cinema coming to Crystal Palace. Congrats to all who campaigned for this.

Mark Lewis‏: Well done to everyone @picturepalace for fighting such a resolute and successful campaign! And welcome to the neighbourhood @Everymancinema. Can I put in an early request for an @Stan_And_Ollie matinee every Saturday, please?

Brett & Bailey: Such fantastic news – congratulations to everyone involved *branches out into popcorn*

The Transmitter‏: Thank you @Everymancinema you have made us a very happy village!

Bryher Scudamore: Congratulations to everyone who battled so hard and for so long to get this result. Can’t wait to book my first tickets.

Tom Goodman-Hill: Boom! Excellent news!

Tamara O’Brien‏: Amazing news! Hugest congratulations to @picturepalace for fighting hard and keeping the flame alive through the difficult years, when it all seemed hopeless. So happy for Crystal Palace.

Herb Phelps I think someone should make a documentary on the sequence of events that lead to the prospect of a cinema returning to CP. That will be great as an opening event

Bamboo Fitness: Amazing work here! A cinema will be a fantastic addition to Crystal Palace Power to the people

UNLH‏ @UpperNorLibHub: Fantastic news for Crystal Palace…

Kezia Newson: Waghhhh I can’t WAIT! Great work everyone

My Catkins‏: When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?

The Foundry Gallery‏: The best news !!

Janet Irons‏: Fantastic news amazing what a community can do when we all pull together just need to sort the CP National Stadium now

Cinema Theatre Assoc‏: @CTheatreAssoc Excellent news!

SE19 Made my day‏ @SE19mademyday: This is exactly what my page is about; celebrating the people of SE19 who individually or collectively do something to make other peoples days a little bit better. I’d put money on the fact that there were a lot of smiles on faces today with this announcement. (There were – Ed.)

Sydenham Arts‏ @sydartsfest: Huge congratulations to @picturepalace for their unbelievable ‘mission accomplished’ for saving 25 Church Road.

Everyman Cinema: Crystal Palace So excited and thank you all

And from elsewhere:

“That is fantastic news, well done to all concerned for their hard work on behalf of the local community, trudging into Croydon on rainy Sundays is going to be a distant memory soon.

“Any letters of support they may require for premises licence or physical presence at committee let me know and I will rally the troops.”

And finally:

‘Get in! Crystal Palace 1 KICC 0 (Full -Time)


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