SHOPS SHOULD FORM PART OF NEW DEVELOPMENT OF OTHER CINEMA BUILDING – BROMLEY  Changes to Crystal Palace park also listed in new draft borough plan

Shops should form part of the frontage when the OTHER former cinema building on Church Road, Crystal Palace is demolished, say Bromley council.

The move to ground floor retail is outlined in a new ‘consultation’ document which forms part of Bromley’s borough-wide draft local plan.

The building – to the right of the cinema building at 25 Church Road which is set to be taken over by the Everyman cinema group – was formerly used as a car showroom and has been vacant for many years. None of the original cinema fittings remain inside.

Planning permission was given more than five years ago for the demolition of the building – now known as Century House –  and the erection of a three/four storey building comprising one one- bedroom, nine two-bedroom and one three-bedroom flats and 10 basement car parking spaces (37-41 Church Road).

But a renewed application for the SAME development was refused by Bromley council in November 2017 on the grounds that “insufficient information has been submitted to enable the local planning authority to establish that the development had commenced within five years from the date of the grant of planning permission on 27th March 2003.”

Proposals elsewhere in the draft borough plan also see parts of Crystal Palace park ‘de-classified’ as metropolitan open land including the St John Ambulance station on Crystal Palace Park Road which the council describe as ‘St John’s hut’.

Part of the top (Crystal Palace Parade) end of the park would become a site of importance for nature conservation. The park and National Sports Centre would become part of the Green Chain walk.

Metropolitan Open Land, Green Chain and Urban Open Space Boundary Changes:

A site (numbered 2 and 3 on the page 2 map) opposite number 68 Crystal Palace Park Road and another opposite Sydenham Avenue and close to The Lodge by the park entrance there are marked ‘none to MOL’;

Parcels of land (4,5,6 and 7) opposite number 28 Crystal Palace Park Road (map on page three);

Large area of land behind houses on Crystal Palace Park Road just above Thicket Road and just to the north opposite Lawrie Park Road which back on to the park marked none to MOL (map on page four);

Map on page five is somewhat confusing and relates to land near the South Terrace gates of Crystal Palace park.

The roadway into the park from Anerley Hill is marked ‘none to MOL’ while some land behind homes on Anerley Hill backing on to Ledrington Road is marked ‘MOL toUOS’ and a neighbouring part marked ‘none to UOS’. A small corner of the park which forms the entrance opposite Cintra Park is marked ‘none to MOL’

These are listed in the plan as shown below:

Policies Map Set Part 2 Accompanying the Proposed Submission Draft Local Plan

Metropolitan Open Land, Green Chain and Urban Open Space Boundary Changes:

A 1 1 Crystal Palace Park and National Sports Centre Add to Green Chain

A 2 2 Crystal Palace Park Road, 55, land adjoining None to MOL

A 2 3 Crystal Palace Park, adjacent to car park, off Crystal Palace Park Road None to MOL

A 3 4 Crystal Palace Park Road, St Johns Hut Delete MOL

A 3 5 Part of Crystal Palace Park None to MOL

A 3 6 Crystal Palace Park, land adjoining Delete MOL

A 3 7 Crystal Palace Park Road, land fronting None to MOL

A 4 8 Crystal Palace Park, rear of 1-15 Crystal Palace Park Road None to MOL

A 5 9 Crystal Palace Park adj the highway None to MOL

A 5 10 Crystal Palace Park, highway land outside Delete MOL

A 5 11 Crystal Palace Park/National Sports Centre entrance. MOL to UOS (Urban Open Space)

A 5 12 Ledrington Road, amenity space opposite Crystal Palace Station None to UOS

Changes to Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation:

Change 1 1 Crystal Palace Park extension

Town Centre Boundaries and Primary and Secondary Retail Frontage Designations – Crystal Palace is fourth map down.

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