OPINION: “People living on estates in other parts of London will now get the chance to ballot / vote to save their homes and the people in Lambeth don’t.”

Sian Berry visiting Central Hill estate

GLA member Sian Berry visiting Central Hill estate, Crystal Palace which Lambeth Labour councillors want to demolish

So Lambeth council apparently get to ignore having a ballot of residents on demolishing five – and probably – six of their estates because of what the Mayor of London says?

Let’s be blunt: This is going to cause absolute outrage among the people living on the six estates in Lambeth which the highly unpopular Labour-dominated council want to demolish come hell or high water.

Because Lambeth have already been given GLA funding for five of the estates they want to demolish, the people on them don’t get a vote – or so the Lambeth argument goes. (People living on the sixth estate, Central Hill people might get a vote.)

Lambeth’s (utterly appalling) attitude is:

“Lambeth council was proud to secure the biggest amount of grant funding from the Mayor of London of any London borough, the majority of which is for projects to rebuild five estates in Lambeth.”

SO: UP ***R*

Lambeth council also trot out their spurious, unsubstantiated claim that the majority of residents on Central Hill estate in Crystal Palace – one of the chosen six – are in favour of demolition. IF THEY ARE THEN PROVE IT. SHOW EVERYONE THE FIGURES.

In his manifesto (page 24) Sadiq Khan, who was elected Mayor in May 2016, said: “I will require that estate regeneration only takes place where there is  resident support, based on full and transparent consultation, and that demolition is only permitted where it does not result in a loss of social housing, or where all other options have been exhausted, with full rights to return for displaced tenants and a fair deal for leaseholders.”

(Lambeth will tell you that there is resident support, based on full and transparent consultation. And that there are fairies at the bottom of every Lambeth Labour councillor’s garden.)

In December London Assembly members unanimously backed Green party member Sian Berry’s  motion calling on the Mayor to give ballots to estate residents.

So people living on estates in other parts of London will now get the chance to ballot / vote to save their homes and the people in Lambeth don’t.


But there may be a way for all of Lambeth’s six estates to be able to vote:

Paragraph 4.3 of the consultation paper says: “First, the funding condition would not apply where the proposed demolitions already have full or outline planning permission.

“Second, the funding condition will not be applied retrospectively, meaning that where the GLA is already in contract to fund a particular estate regeneration scheme named in a funding contract with a registered provider, ballots would not be mandated, unless the registered provider proposes to make a significant change to the scope of the scheme.”

This appears to imply that the GLA is funding the regeneration of an entire estate – there is no clarification.

So unless the GLA is the third party which is giving £300 million and more to Lambeth (to pass on to Homes for Lambeth) to demolish Knight’s Walk, South Lambeth and Westbury, Lambeth’s arguments MIGHT be built on sand………..


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