Carnegie library Herne Hill re-opening Thursday at 1pm, a Lambeth council press officer told News From Crystal Palace today (Friday)

From Defend The Ten‏ @defendtheten

Three months now till the local government elections & we meet Marie & her mum Jackie. “The library was a true home from home for us, a real community hub. A great mix of people in a wonderful building with a beautiful garden”

“The Councillors want our vote every four years then ignore us the rest of the time. “It’s a shocking state of affairs but I’m determined to fight to get this building back into the hands of the people as a proper library”
Jackie adds: “Yes, it’s not as if this building belongs to the politicians. “The building was given to the people of Lambeth and souls be kept by the people, not given away to a gym provider or in an asset transfer”

“When you have very little, being able to do this is life-changing”. She adds wistfully “I took hundreds of school groups to this library over the years, the kids used to love it. It’s terrible it’s been closed for 2 years”

“What politicians fail to understand is that not everyone has what they have. “I know children with no books at home, with parents struggling with poverty. “I tell these kids, ‘go to the library, you don’t need to have a penny, find book, have a good read…

“I notice now that, having almost grown up in the library, my daughter aged 15 is very positive about helping others. If these places continue to be run down or closed, where will the next generation learn about being community-spirited?”

“Being a single, working mum and studying can be so very hard but Carnegie Library really did make it do-able for me, I got my Level 3 Child Care followed by gaining a Foundation degree”

“I never had to worry about them with so many activities to do, gardening, crafts, Summer Reading Scheme, Winter Fairs, the tea stall, storytime, singing. “And on top of this Mum would get all the books I needed for study with the librarians help”

“I started studying when I was a single parent working in a local nursery and living in my parents’ flat. It was a bit of a squeeze so my mother would take my daughter Chante to the library when I studied. “I know it sounds the wrong way around but they were both so happy there”

Marie is a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant studying for a BA Hons in Early Years Education with the Open University; she says “my goal is to be a qualified teacher via the Schools Direct Teacher Training scheme”

Jackie ran the tea & cake stall at the library for years. But besides all the wonderful work Jackie has done for the library she has also used the library to support her daughter Marie in her studies.


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