The above has been posted on the Defend the Ten Twitter page earlier today. Defend The Ten Retweeted Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis 6 hours ago:

Lambeth council has confirmed that the fake mini-library due to open in Carnegie on 15th Feb is temporary and will close “on or before 12 February 2019.” After that, an unspecified area of floorspace will be “reserved for exclusive library use”, also unspecified. @defendtheten

(The actual source of Mr Lewis’s Tweet is unclear and contains only that part of the document shown above – Ed.)


11 weeks until the local council election and this is Faith, who is retired: “This library has looked after me for 40 years and now it is my turn to look after the library. “I am determined to do anything I can to secure its future as a real library in the main part of the building”

In fact it sounds a daunting prospect: “I have the feeling that the council doesn’t care about the users and this is wrong. “I worry about the book stock reducing too. “I found Shakespeare in this place and I will fight for others coming up behind to have the same privilege.

“Also, I’m not great on the self-service check outs so kindly librarians are forever rescuing me! I appreciate their dedication and professionalism so much that to me a library without full time librarians really doesn’t sound that great.”

“When the library closed nearly two years ago it meant the end of my regular trips to borrow books and pick up emails. “In fact, I no longer give out my email address, I tell people to contact me by post or phone. “When I was coming up to retirement home computers weren’t so widespread”

“I thought about buying one but decided that the short walk to the Carnegie library would do me good and have the added benefit of keeping me in touch locally. It never occurred to me that the library would close. “My nearest library is the new Camberwell library in Southwark…

… “But it’s still a bus ride away so I don’t go that often, sometimes I go to Brixton but that is so busy. “I hear the new Carnegie library service will have librarians for just two hours a day. “I find this sad as I can honestly say I have never visited a library…

…without needing to ask to a librarian something. “For example, the last time I went to a library a £5 charge mistakenly popped up on my account. “This really worried me but the librarian immediately spotted the problem and rectified it putting me at ease.” (Source: Defend the Ten)


“If the Labour candidates knock on your door tell them to stop their nonsense immediately and fully reinstate Carnegie library as it was before closure” – Bulletin, friends of Carnegie Library, February 2018


Defend The Ten Retweeted ♻Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ Feb 9

Not content with wasting £millions #FakeGreen Lambeth Labour are trying their hand at stage illusions. Now you see a library (before the election). Now you don’t (after) @defendtheten

Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Kim Lewis‏ @Kim_hLewis Feb 11

Lambeth Council have run a country mile to AVOID involving @FrndsofCarnegie in decisions about running Carnegie library. Because they know that we know that librarians make a library more than bookshelves. Oh and, the buiding is worth ££££££ when they eventually sell it off.

Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie

Their boob may give people the false impression of coming home, only to have it dashed later when books & shelves are moved (squeezed) into front room/s. Don’t be fooled. They’re kicking us out; let’s kick them out.

Further reading: Lambeth needs true community libraries by Laura Swaffield – Lambeth Life February 2018 (plus: Carnegie has a bright future ahead of it by Cllr Sonia Winifred, Lambeth’s cabinet member for culture, same edition).


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