We’re really sorry to hear of the passing of Imogen Filbey today (16th February) after a short illness.  She has been with the market from the start with her delicious range of preserves and pickles, Imogeni.  Our condolences go out to George Filbey, her husband.  We cannot find a picture of Imogen as she hated having her picture taken, but here’s one of her beautiful preserves.  RIP Imogen.

Looks like the sun’s out this Saturday – at last….  To welcome the start of Spring we’ve got a new stall called Yellow Sunshine serving up marinated olives, vegan Turkish delight and home made baclava.  We’ve also got Terraferment with his South Norwood fermented foods and sauces, tasty and good for the gut.  And ots of lunch choices too;  Meru Galette are back, Ricochez is serving up shredded lamb in flatbreads with mint salad and Bloody Mary ketchup, Amelia’s here with a vegan feast and Comfort & Joy has salads and wraps.

Guest lunch – Ricochez West Norwood based Richard is serving up shredded lamb in flatbreadswith mint salad and Bloody Mary ketchup (and yes it tastes as good as it sounds).  The lamb is farmed on the Romney Marshes giving it that extra flavour.

Vegan lunch – Return to Shashamane Emilia is making us “New sweet – raw vegan carrot cake. Salads & sauces – chickpea salad with wakame seaweed; kidney beans with cardamom seeds and fresh tarragon; butter beans toasted with seeds and herbs; Mexican cabbage salad with herbs, chillies and onion; polenta chips; coriander chimmichurri sauce; quinoa salad. Hot – butter beans puree; spicy sauce with cayenne pepper; lentil tikka masala stew.”

Lunch – Meru Galettes Sweet crepes or savoury buckwheat galettes.

Lunch & deli – Comfort & Joy Hot tasty wraps, salads and those famous (enormous) scotch eggs plus takeaways – curries, lasagne and more.

Olive oil – Apulia Organic extra virgin olive oils, homemade artisanal pasta (made with the best local varieties of organic wheat such as ‘Sanatore Cappelli’) and other Apulian traditional specialties, such as vegetables in olive oil, pasta sauces and baked products.

Marinated olives – Yellow Sunshine – fresh marinated olives, garlic, wild garlic, vegan turkish delight and hand-made baklava.

Preserves – Chilli Brothers Nathalie says “Chilli Brothers introduce their lovely peanut roasting kit & our selection of artisan crafted chilli sauces, syrups and more. Come and join us for a wonderful day.”

Ferments – Terra Ferments UK ferments, kimchi, krauts, naturally preserved and improved foods. Gut healthy gastronomy!  Made in South Norwood.  You can order online too.

Smokery – London Smoke & Cure  Ross says “We’ve got a huge selection of smoked, cured and deli products to help your weekend along and to nibble through the week. All produce has either been carefully produced or selected by ourselves with premium quality in mind. If you’ve never been down before just come along for the chat, the samples will be flowing.  Special offers – 10% of all smoked salmon and smoked meat products, so we’re talking hot and cold smoked salmon, salmon pates, organic hot smoked pork belly and pastrami. All made right on your doorstep using the very best ingredients.   A beautifully curated table of cheese. We may be small but but we’ve got one of the best selections in South East London, all well priced and very very tasty. New on this week will be a Coolea, a surprisingly moreish Gouda style raw cheese from Ireland. And, stop the press, our own twice smoked cave-aged cheddar is now ready! Thanks to all for your patience in waiting for it.  And a few other wonders we’re sure.   Call Ross on 07837 838 241 for any pre-orders.  Look forward to seeing you down there x”

Storecupboard refills – The Store Cupboard   We have toasted wheat flakes back in store! Dearly missed and now ready to make your breakfast crunchy again.  Also, we’ve been featured in this blogabout Where to food shop with less packaging. Join the zero waste revolution!

Meat – Gill Wing Farm   All the usuals, plus chilli sausage – a little hot and spicy just right for the big day on Wednesday.

Fish – Veasey’s   Contact us on or by phone on 01342 822906.

Cheese & charcuterie – Capo Caccia

Raw milk, butter & other dairy – Hook & Son Organic raw milk and dairy, from farmer Steve’s closed herd on the Pevensey Levels.  They’ve just been featured on Channel 4, “A Year on the Farm” – check it out here.  NEW on the stall is organic Labneh – middle eastern inspired yoghurt – find it alongside their divine ghee, raw cream and butter.

Cakes – Brett & Bailey  Sun’s out – buns out. Joe says, “We’re giddy at the prospect of the first sunny Saturday of the year, and we’re bringing plenty of sticky buns, cardamom knots and semlor to get your weekend off to a sweet start.  On the cake parade we’ll have fudgy chocolate noisette, Rhubarbra Streisand, chocolate Guinness, double carrot, and a swirly raspberry and lemongrass cheesecake. You can also expect blueberry streusel, a gluten-free lemon and rosemary drizzle (the only kind of drizzle we want to see this weekend thanks), plus peanut butter cookies, peanut butter bars (yeah we love peanut butter…) and salted chocolate brownies.  All that and our Great Taste Award-winning marmalade and some pots of scrumptious homemade jam – we have pear and ginger, plum and rose, apricot and vanilla, and a handful of jars of strawberry and rhubarb.  Missing Saturday’s market? Remember that the Brett & Bailey online shopis always open.   See you soon!”

Bread – Levain Bakery Ciabatta, ciabattini, walnut and raisin bread, olive bread, 5 cereals, green olive bread sticks, Danish rugbrod, tomato and oregano, Paillassou, pain de Meteil, spelt, Kentish flute, belle pavot, white loaf, wholemeal load, focaccia, rye sour, cottage cob. Chris Masembe and his team at Levain Bakery have a simple philosophy; to make artisan breads to the highest possible standards. All breads are sourdoughs, and are made using their own sourdough starter, a labour of love which they have kept going since they first started the bakery.  Find Orlo or Kuba on the bread stall in the Courtyard.

Seasonal vegetables, salad, herbs & fruit – Brambletye Fruit Farm, Brockmans & Wild Country Organics

Eco Products – Roots & Cycles  Cosmo says “We are pleased to start stocking Mooncups. For those who don’t know these are the original, trusted, soft silicone menstrual cup. Have a look online and see what you think of them as they have a really useful website and resource site.”

Shawls & jewellery – NouMoon Anoushka says “Gifts for the people of your life find something extra special.”

Local art & crafts – Palace Makers  They’re back!  Jakki says “It’s time for Palace Makers to come out of hibernation and face the world again, everything on the stall is handmade by local crafts people.”

Collectables market – our neighbour market Haynes Lane Market, a treasure trove of collectables.  Click here for a little peek inside.

Cafe – our friends at Antenna Cafe

The Foodbank – collection point at the market every week. They are running low on: tinned fruit, washing powder, pre made custard, cereals.  Thanks in advance. More details at  Latest delivery 18kg. Total donated so far 1598kg.


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