Stella Duffy‏ @stellduffy

#CarnegieLibrary is also lacking full disabled access – am horrified (but not at all surprised) that @lambeth_council think it’s ok to ‘re-open’ the building when it’s not accessible to ALL.

♻Michael J Keane

Lambeth have sucked the life out of @CarnegieLib Their #SpinMachine is putting on a show before election and once that’s over the once-great-library will be consigned to a side room – a footnote in history not that there’ll be any local history books to read it in

sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear

Where to start? Library in central space because @LambethLabour didn’t clean the gutters so roof has leaked into front rooms (carefully screened from view) Customer care staff = untrained gym employees in @GLL_UK sweats doing security.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie

And of course they’re only using national austerity cuts as an excuse to do what they’ve been wanting to do for two decades – it’s ideological. Local people and their services don’t count to these remote, privileged cllrs, who do not represent thier constituents but prop dev pals.

Defend The Ten Retweeted Eleanor Mitchiner‏ @ellymitchiner Feb 17

Really conflicted re #CarnegieLibrary. So glad to have it back in some form at least. So cross that it had to be ‘rescued’ by those who lost it in the first place. Incandescent with anger at the huge waste of time & money it represents

…and then on ‘re-opening’ day someone asked Lambeth what time the Wiggle and Rhyme would be…..

1.Lambeth Council ‏Verified account @lambeth_council Feb 15

Carnegie Library in Herne Hill reopens today at 1pm! Come and check it out!

2.  Helen Prowse‏ @hlp Feb 15

Great! Will there be any story times etc for kids? Also can we use our Brixton library card here or do we need to re-register?
3.  Lambeth Council‏Verified account @lambeth_council Feb 15

Yes, Wiggle & Rhyme for Under-5s every Wednesday! And your Lambeth library card will work at all 10 libraries in the borough!

4.  Helen Prowse‏ @hlp Feb 15

Super, what time on a Wednesday please?

Lambeth council Replying to @hlp

10.30 to 11.30am 3:39 AM – 15 Feb 2018

Helen Prowse‏ @hlp Feb 15 Replying to @lambeth_council

Hello. According to the opening times it’s not open on a Wednesday morning – can you confirm?

Lambeth council:

Sorry Helen, I’ve checked this out now, Wiggle & Rhyme will be at a new time of 1.30 to 2.30pm on Wednesdays!

Helen Prowse‏ @hlp Feb 17

Thank you!

To which Sarah Bredemear replied:

Best tweet showing shambles of @LambethLabour supposed reopening if @CarnegieLib. This is the reply to someone asking when under 5 story time will be….The library doesn’t open until1pm. They have No. Idea.


Cllr Sonia Winifred‏ (Lab Knights Hill) @SoniaWinifred Feb 19

At the newly opened Carnegie library looks amazing. Thank you to the library staff for their hard work.
Indar Picton-Howell‏ @NadirIndar  Retweeted Sonia Winifred

It’s empty. I’ve never met you, and have no desire to be rude, but did you speak to anyone using the library?

Defend The Ten Retweeted ♻Michael J Keane  ♻‏ @KeaneMJ

Replying to @SaveLambthLibs @jhgm50 @SoniaWinifred

It was ‘heaving’ with 4 security/council staff yesterday when I visited yesterday – only one actual library user there at time. @CarnegieLib felt more like a prison waiting room than a library – a shadow of its former self. @defendtheten
Cllr Iain “I don’t really see why we’re here” Simpson‏ (Lab Streatham Hill) @IainSimpson Retweeted Jim Dickson

Great to see Carnegie open and Lambeth back to 10 libraries.

This prompted the following exchanges between Cllr Simpson  and Carnegie campaigner Sarah Bredemear:

1.  sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear Feb 17 Replying to @IainSimpson @JimDicksLambeth

You haven’t seen it at all have you? And I know you know the models don’t look like that in real life. The reality is: unheated, unsafe room with no toilets or disabled access and @LambethLabour paying 4 people to act as security yet no librarian for most of the day.

2.  Cllr Iain Simpson‏ (Lab Streatham Hill) @IainSimpson

Sara – you’ve spent two years going around telling people Lambeth are closing libraries. And you’ve been wrong. Lambeth still has 10 libraries, just as promised and as we kept trying to tell you, and they’re great facilities. I’m really not sure where you think this is going.

3.  sarabredemear‏ @sarabredemear

Iain. I have said for two years that you disdain libraries and the people who use them, mainly because you do not listen to voices other than your own. I hope this leads to councillors listening to who they are elected to represent Not a self serving group of buddies enjoying power

Aran Lewis‏ @aranmlewis Feb 17 Aran Lewis Retweeted Cllr Iain Simpson (Lab Streatham Hill)

Lambeth Labour councillors are getting strong support from other Lambeth Labour councillors for their wheeze of closing libraries for over a year so they can crow about opening them again shortly before the election, as if it was an achievement.
Cllr Ed Davie‏ (Lab Thornton) @EdDavie

Just checking out freshly reopened Carnegie library. Over 500 have closed nationwide @LambethLabour has kept all 10
And Indar Picton-Howell‏ @NadirIndar replied:

It’s empty, Ed.

To which David Duncan‏ @dld121uk Replying to @EdDavie @LambethLabour said:

Lambeth voters can let Labour know what they think of this publicity stunt at the election in 10 weeks.

(Sources: Defend the Ten twitter, Lambeth Labour party Twitter.)


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