MP Kate Hoey is chairing tomorrow night’s (Thursday) first public meeting of People’s Audit Lambeth at the Rotunda hall on the Cressingham Gardens estate, Tulse Hill. Meeting starts 6.45pm (to 9pm).

A flyer for the meeting says: Did you know?  The cost of building Lambeth’s New Town Hall has more· than doubled from £50 million to £104 million.

Despite making over 2,000 people redundant, Lambeth council’s spending on senior salaries has soared in the last 10 years, now costing an extra £19 million a year.

Lambeth Peoples’ Audit has uncovered many other examples of ‘extensive financial mismanagement and lack of financial governance costing millions of pounds of public money’.

News From Crystal Palace understands that Cllr Ed Davie, who chairs Lambeth council’s overview and scrutiny committee, will be present and is asking to be allowed to respond to comments in the People’s Audit report at the meeting.

Bus routes: 2, 415, 432 Contact: righttoaudit@gmail.com @peoplesaudit http://www.thepeoplesaudit.info


There were two articles in the Daily Mail last week which might interest.

The first was Richard Littlejohn’s column headlined ‘Forget guilt taxes, cull the town hall fat cats’ (Tuesday February 13th).

The following day the Mail ran a story about Ferris Cowper “probably the most unpopular local politician in the country – among fellow local politicians” leader of East Hampshire district council which has frozen its town hall tax bills – for the last SEVEN years.


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