Cressingham Gardens residents are calling for Lambeth council’s regeneration proposals to be put on hold following the Mayor of London’s U-turn on mandatory ballots.

Residents believe the council should halt the scheme while the Mayor’s consultation is ongoing.

They say Lambeth council are consolidating their plan to spend tens of millions of pounds of public money on the demolition scheme, despite these new uncertainties.

“Given the increasing political debate around privatisation of public housing, compounded by the mayor’s announcement, our Labour council should exercise some caution and put a hold on further spending on this £110 million scheme,” said Cressingham Gardens resident Andy Plant.

In his Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration Sadiq Khan said he was: “requiring resident support through a ballot for new plans involving demolition where City Hall funding is involved”.

Shortly after the news, Lambeth council leader Lib Peck published a statement that ruled out a “retrospective ballot” of Cressingham residents.

“The carefully-worded statement claims the council has already complied with the principles in the guide, despite a ballot having not been taken.

“It also claims residents continue to be ‘at the heart of decision-making’, and that Cressingham Gardens is already ‘in receipt of GLA funding’.

“Residents strongly dispute Peck’s claims and highlight that details of the policy – and which estates qualify for a ballot – will not be finalised until after the conclusion of the consultation on  April 3.

“The Greens’ London Assembly member Sian Berry, who has been supporting council estate campaigns, is pushing for this to include all estate regeneration schemes that have not yet received planning permission, such as Cressingham Gardens.

“Design work has not yet commenced with the masterplanning team Mott MacDonald, contrary to the claim by Peck that the scheme is at an advanced stage.”

Further reading: EXCLUSIVE: LAMBETH COUNCIL’S ‘NO NEED FOR BALLOTS CLAIM’ EXPOSED AS BALDERDASH BY NEWS FROM CRYSTAL PALACE – Funding given by Greater London Authority for three estates was NOT for demolition – and GLA have not given any money for two other estates under threat  February 5th 2018


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