A representative from the Wyvil estate residents association told the meeting: “Everything I’ve heard from other speakers we have experienced on our estate.

“We have experienced extreme obfuscation, a lack of will to engage.

“We  reviewed figures back to 2012 and found we were being overcharged. “Now officers have blocked that and said we are not getting refunds.”

On one issue residents had queried he said the council would not go back on it and had told them to go to a tribunal. 

He also said new service charges are being manipulated

“They will secretly quietly backdate it on your bill and if you dispute it they will take it off.”

“They haven’t invoiced us for work done in 2013 but they are still trying to charge us for it even though they know that it it is out of time.”

The spokesman from Wyvil – in South Lambeth – gave a plug for the Lambeth Homeowners Association for leaseholders which has 712 members “where people can speak and share ideas.”

Lambeth Homeowners Association can be contacted via their website:


An American lady said councillors discussing the garden bridge over the Thames were told to vote on something they hadn’t seen. “They said they didn’t get the documents and were told they should either abstain or vote as you choose.”

The lady told Kate Hoey: “You were pretty well told to sit down and be quiet.” Kate Hoey: “Was I?”. (Laughter.)

Daniel Fitzgerald, chairman of Hurst Street tenants and residents association in Herne Hill, said he would like People’s Audit to look into how Lambeth council were manipulating residents associations who are highlighting matters that have been raised by People’s Audit.

UNISON rep Tim O’Dell told Cllr Davie: “You say you can’t afford libraries. “You’re spending more money with your consultants. “That’s why housing people are here. “That’s why libraries peopple are here.” (Applause).

Cressingham Gardens campaigner Andy Plant said he had attended three overview and scrutiny committee meetings that were characterised by the chair (Cllr Davie – Ed.) allowing people to speak for one and a half or two minutes but when it was councillors speaking it was five / six / seven minutes and in Cllr Matthew Bennett’s case 12 minutes.

“You were rushing the people who pay your allowances to get them to finish – to basically not allow them to speak.”

And Carnegie library campaigner Helen said all council meetings should be streamed live so all the questions could be double-checked.


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