Nine weeks to go – as those dreadful Defend the Ten library campaigners keep reminding us on their Twitter page.

Our Lambeth Labour party Twitter page is much, much better and far more entertaining. It’s full of photos of people out campaigning for us and we are all saying about the wonderful reaction we are getting in all the council’s wards. And telling people we have got 10 libraries.

Anyway I’m busily drawing up our manifesto for this May’s Lambeth council elections – nine weeks to go!. Us winning is a foregone conclusion – the pond life will just vote “against” the Conservative government and austerity rather than bother about local issues like libraries and demolishing estates that we can’t be bothered to repair –  but we still have to go through the motions.

So our manifesto will all be about austerity and the wicked Tory Government (hiss! boo!) who won’t give us any money for consultants. Or more consultants. Or even more consultants.

And I’ve just had a great idea which I will suggest to our glorious supreme leader Lib Peck for WHEN we retain control of Lambeth council:

The vote for Lambeth council was a local vote, not a protest against the Tory government, and this will show we have a clear mandate to shut libraries, demolish estates, ignore anyone who doesn’t agree with us 100 per cent and all the rest of it.
That will shut our tiresome critics up! – especially if we win EVERY seat!! So there!!!

Meanwhile that People’s Audit Lambeth lot held a public meeting last week – on one of OUR estates. Blooming cheek!

There were a whole load of our critics there complaining about us.

So what if we’re trying to charge people for things that were out of time? So what if our contractors overcharged on bills?

So what if we haven’t done some repairs to an estate from weather damage in 2013? So what if we install one of our own councillors to chair a residents engagement panel?

So what if we cleared someone’s home of all their possessions after he died because we didn’t think there were any next of kin? So what if one of our councillors refused to represent the views of people opposing the demolition of their homes? It may be their homes. It’s our estate, our land.

So what if we’re not listening them and ignoring their letters and emails? We’ve been elected. So we’ve got a divine right to do what we blooming well like. So there!.


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