From Defend the Ten: Week 9 of the Council Election Countdown and here is Bob: “I first fell in love with Carnegie Library 10 to 15 years ago on a casual visit. “I’ve always been interested in libraries as they gave me a better education than I received in school.

“Librarians have helped me all my adult life to access the right reading materials & resources. “The thought of using a ‘hotline’ to speak with a librarian in another library frankly leaves me cold. “Can’t they just pay librarians to look after the library instead?.

“I am disgusted that you now have to be fully able-bodied to even enter Carnegie Library as there is no disabled access. “And then, should you get in, other than two hours a day there are no librarians on site, only 2 GLL staff and two security guards!”

Bob loved the library so much he joined the Friends and has been the treasurer for many years. Despite facing some physical challenges Bob has been a prominent campaigner to keep a fully staffed library opened. Of the new temporary library in the main room Bob says:

“I really enjoyed chilling out in the library or in the reading garden. “It’s on a busy road but I always felt I could be in the middle of nowhere! “That was the charm of it for me along with the excellent library service of course.”

Asked about the library he says “I particularly liked the fact it was a classic hub with lots of things going on and everyone had a chance to join in. “Smaller and friendlier than some other libraries I thought of it as a little oasis in a pretty frenetic world.

“My school education was good but restrictive. “Libraries opened my mind out.” Bob is a voracious reader of history books and biographies. He is a fluent Latin reader & has a great interest in all Romance based languages. “My best subject at school was languages…

…when I was 18 I won a place at university to read Arabic. “But due to difficulties with my eyes I was advised to abandon my plan and I never took the place. “I went to work instead”

CARNEGIE LIBRARY CLOSES AGAIN – TEN DEGREES LOWER THAN SAFETY GUIDELINES “They took out the boiler – what did they expect?” – campaigner
Carnegie library, herne Hill – ‘re-opened’ just two weeks ago  was closed yesterday (Thursday) – because it was too cold!
In an email Friends of Carnegie Library chairman Jeff Doorn said: “Lambeth Libraries have confirmed the library will remain closed today (Thursday) ‘due to issues with heating’.

“Also, I’ve heard the Book Group, which was due to return to the library on Monday evening 5 March, will have to go back to St Saviour’s church.

“I’m told there are issues with access at the re-opened Carnegie library and, on top of this, it has now been discovered that the space is not adequately heated. “Temperatures recorded at Carnegie have been almost ten degrees lower than what is required by current workplace safety guidelines.

“Why are they surprised at this ‘discovery’?  “They took out the boiler – what did they expect?”

One library user told News From Crystal Palace: “I went to the library this week to borrow a book.

“Shock horror: Three staff members (obviously not librarians!) were huddled round TWO of the moveable heaters.

“Felt really sorry for them, none of this is their fault. “Didn’t look to see how many heaters if any were still in main part of the room. “From photos on opening day there were a couple just inside on the right, near book shelves.”

Defend The Ten Retweeted Friends of Carnegie‏ @FrndsofCarnegie Friends of Carnegie Retweeted Nick Edwards

Sham ‘reopening’ by shameless @lambeth_council. They knew our boiler had been removed as part of shameful gym building works, but left us to shiver for 2 weeks. Now @CarnegieLib has to be closed again. How will they spin out this shambles?


For council leader Cllr Lib Peck:

SaveLambethLibraries‏ @SaveLambthLibs:

.@lambeth_council have failed in their bid to become London’s Borough of Culture. We wonder if @cllrpeck thinks the £47k, 30k of which was paid to external contractors, was worth it?

NFCP have asked: Is there any reaction from Lambeth regarding their failed nomination for London borough of culture?

For the ‘communications’ team / press office:

News From Crystal Palace understands a press officer from Lambeth council attended the People’s Audit Lambeth meeting last Thursday. Did they decide to go out of interest or were they there in an official capacity? If they were there in an official capacity, who asked them to attend? If so, were they on overtime?

For the ‘communications’ team / press office:

Carnegie library has had to be closed because of lack of heating. Why was the boiler taken out? Why hasn’t it been replaced?

Carnegie library campaigner Nick Edwards has asked: How will Lambeth spin out this shambles? Do you have any reaction to this please?


‘No new reductions in service – despite unrelentingly challenging times’ – headline on Bromley council press release February 28 2018


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